10 Whatsapp Tricks to make you the Master of Whatsapp

10 whatsapp tricks to make you the master of whatsapp In the Epoch of knowledge, where whatsapp has grown with a whirlwind speed, everyone wants to master the application to make optimum utilization of this application.  Whatsapp has so many features that one can perform several different tasks with this one application. Whatsapp acts as a one shop stop for all of these tasks. Also See – Best Whatsapp Tricks

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10 whatsapp tricks to make you the master of whatsapp

10 whatsapp tricks to make you the master of whatsapp

10 whatsapp tricks to make you the master of whatsapp

But how do we become the master of this application? What is needed to be done to use this application in all possible ways? With enormous features which ones are the one that makes a user a complete user of whatsapp?  

Well if you are up with all of these kinds of questions then you are reached to the correct article. Let me tell you 10 simple things/tricks that you must do to be the master of whatsapp 10 whatsapp tricks to make you the master of whatsapp

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  1. Multiple accounts – A whatsapp user can switch to multiple accounts by switching to web or handling two whatsapp accounts in a single android phone. Yes it is possible there are many ways a user can manage two accounts in a single phone. Moving on towards the web, a whatsapp user can any day switch to using whatsapp on his/her laptop or pc. you can also use apps like gbwhatsapp for make multiple accounts on whatsapp.

The user has to just on his whatsapp web from his whatsapp menu and the list will appear  and now the user has to scan the QR code  after you browse through the  whatsapp.com on web .

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And this is how you can function your whatsapp on web too!

Notifications on desktop are available too.

  • Details about your messages – Being engrossed in a chat is usual, but we always forget to keep a track of when the person received the message and after how long he read it. Well now it is all possible you can get this information even after hours of your chat.

For Iphone users they have to just swipe left to the chat and he will get details about his read and delivered. But the process for the  android users is quite different they have to press hold to the particular message until it turns blue and then click on the I button on the above and then you will get the details of when the receiver  read the message.

  • Mute the group chats – everyone has some whatsapp groups that they don’t want to be a part of . or there are sometimes that  are just too busy so they do not want the group messages to irritate them. So now you can avoid all of this using just this simple trick. Mute your group conversations , for that all you need to do is open the group you see three dotted line in the very right of the screen click that and then you may find the option of mute the group.

that will help you to avoid the messages and you can even choose the duration of the mute according to your convenience. 10 whatsapp tricks to make you the master of whatsapp

  1. Email your chats– sometimes you want to keep your chat conversation data without you and it is precious for you for any reason so now you can even email your chat to your Gmail account without facing any error. For android users, they have to just open the chat and tap the menu option more and then they can choose the option of email the chat. And for Iphone users , the title bar of the chat of the person  already has an option of mail the conversation.
  • Set Up the chat as shortcut– To avoid any wastage of time in searching the user you want to chat with , rather make a shortcut to their chat on your home screen itself. And you never waste time in searching their name in the chat list. For this the android users have to just open their chat and click on the ‘ Add to shortcut’ option this will help the user to get the chat on his home screen without any trouble.
  • Turn off the last seen – don’t want anyone else to know, when were you online the last time? Many of us do not want to show their last seen on whatsapp. Now a user can even hide their last seen on whatsapp and can online and go offline without any problem.

All you have to do is go to your Account- privacy settings – disable your last seen option only to yourself. So this makes your last seen non-visible to others.

  • Know the location– ever got stuck and didn’t know the way back home? Now whatsapp will help you to even share our location with other users. All you have to do is open their chat and then choose the pin option and then you will find the option of location.

This will enable you to share your location on whatsapp.

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  • Share media via whatsapp– sharing photos and videos over whatsapp is now become very normally. But now you can even send documents via this application. So you need not be formal about sending documents via email.
  • Stop saving media – every one of us want to save our data pack and not waste it on unwanted media downloads. Now you can stop this auto download of media. For andoroid users they have to just go to their Settings- choose data usage and then choose the option accordingly.

And this is how you end up saving your valuable data instead of wasting it on unwanted media downloads.

  • Back up your chats – In case you fail to back up your chats then do not worry android users your chat has been backed up on its own everyday but for Iphone users you have to do it on your own, all you have to do is go to your settings then choose the option of chat settings and then choose chat backup.  This will enable you to quickly restore all your media and chats without facing any  error.


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