5 Tips To Play Dragon City Game Efficiently

Dragon city game is a crowd – pleasing game and acquired lot of attention on IOS, ANDROID AND FACEBOOK. Here I would be suggesting you few tips to play the game efficiently,


BUILDINGS there are different others which help dragon level up and reproduce, few building are here which would help you to power up your dragon and increase your number of dragons. Breeding Mountain, this mountain helps in increasing the number of dragons in your farm. Dragon Stadium, which increases the power/ strength of your dragon and gains gems.

Temples; increasing the maximum level of the dragon to level up, Magic temple where dragons would be able to level up to 10, Noble temple – dragons can level up to 20 and building knight, master temples would allow the dragon to increase up to 25 and 30. Ultra breeding tree, an alternative to Breeding Mountain, which speeds up the process. Building crystals would help improve your gold coin collection but having legendary dragons is way better than building crystals.

Dragon city


FARM is the basic need for you to maintain your resources and level up, dragons require food to level up, as you level up they grow more powerful; farming more dragons you gain more gold coins. You can farm on foods that cost you less usually and require less time are dragon balls and hot dragon chillies, when you have more gold then you can afford to farm spike balls and star shines.

Maintain your focus on farming and building more farms also look forward to upgrading your older farms to a higher level and keep generating resources. The player is usually gaining more experience by paying gold but by building more farms one can gain experience. The player can also use dragon city hack tool to buy and sell dragon’s gold and food Selling the farm can also gain you gold but see to that farms that are sold or kept for selling is not giving you enough gold or producing less gold, sell such farms only.


It would be significant for you to know the elemental dragons, this means that each dragon is classified under each element and there are 12 elements, they are Terra, Flame, Sea, Electric, Nature, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, War, Pure and Legend. There are other three classifications of dragons to know about, Hybrid, Rare Hybrid, and Exclusive dragons in dragon city farm.

Prioritising the habitats of the dragon would increase your net gold income per minute. Placing the elemental dragon with their matching crystals would yield an extra 20 percent of gold coins per minute. Breeding elemental dragons at the level of 7 would yield you decent amount of gold coins. Follow the link to know more about online game hack and generators check over here.

Combine different dragons to find a hybrid and this could be done multiple time, to find out how many hybrids and their powers exist in the combination. Similarly, with all the other class of dragons, you can do the same which could help you in battling strategies and skills.

Transformation happens in four stages – egg, baby, teenage and adult. The first two stages are not important for battling but they still need to develop by consuming food, the other two stages come in handy in battling, reproducing and gaining strength and gold coins.


One best thing about this game is battling with the dragons in a similar way to Pokémon battling strategies. Selection of the dragons is very important to balance the skills and power for an enthusiastic and interesting battle. There can be a swap of the dragon which would cost you.

Legendary dragon is a main strategy for the player to build a stronger dragon in the combat stadium and have the strongest dragon ever possible. Legendary dragons are the most powerful dragons in the game. This would always interest you to get one legendary dragon beside you.

This could be achieved only by more gaining experience and the fastest way is by food. Another way is by utilising 100 gems on the breeding tree and breed two pure dragons on the breeding mountain, two in the tree and two in the sanctuary to triple your chance of getting a legendary dragon in dragon city.

Powers and their development would be known to you better in the practice zone – Dragon stadium, so be through with your attacks of the dragon well known, this would help you to strategies. Here is a table which would help you with your strategy in battling either as a defender or as an attacker. If you don’t win battles do not worry because it also depends on the level of dragons.


EXPANDING is also an important part in the game, expanding becomes a necessity when there are a huge number of dragons and habitats. The first six expansion is free and the later expansion would cost gold coins or gems. Expand your territory such that you have two islands, dedicate one for dragons and earning coins and the other for buildings.

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