7 ways to get more subscribers for your blog

7 ways to get more subscribers for your blogIn the universe of blogging it is incredibly challenging to find this fitting audience that admires the same things, you would like to share. Especially in case you are a beginner in blogging. Hopefully, there are several methods to attract more subscribers and find people that will follow you.

7 ways to get more subscribers for your blog

7 ways to get more subscribers for your blog

1.       Study your target audience

There is no possible way for you to get more subscribers if you are not familiar with your target audience. So, first of all, you should visualize these people, you are writing for: Are they mostly male or female? What age are they? What are they doing in their lives? What can they get from reading your blog? After answering these questions you’ll come up with more specific ideas for the content you write.

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2.       Personal communication in comments

It is rather useful in keeping subscribers you have, but it can also lend you a helping hand with attracting people to your blog as well. Live discussions in comments can bring a certain atmosphere to your blog, even for people, who don’t take part in this discussion. By answering people’s comments you show your interest and respect to them and their thoughts, which is really important, in case you want people to carry on following you.

3.           Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting is often underestimated, but it works very well once you familiar with your target audience. So basically, what you must do is look for some other blogs that provide content similar to yours and leave some comments with a link to your blog below. Important point: your comments should not look like “nice text” or “love this idea”. Everything you write must be constructed so that people get interested in your thoughts enough to click the link and visit your blog.

4.           Ask People to Subscribe

This may seem pretty obvious, but it is something people often forget about. But think of it for a moment: how is your target audience going to know that you want them to subscribe if you are not asking them to? You can leave your call to subscribe to your posts (especially your “hot posts”, these ones are the most visited, so they can bring you more subscribers). Also, it is not a bad idea to put your “subscribe” button in visible place (like your “about page” or somewhere in the corner of your website). But remember, there must be a measure in everything.

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You shouldn’t put too many calls or otherwise, you are going to look like a desperate hunter for subscribers, not a blogger with good content. There is another good technique that can be useful for gaining more subscribers. If you don’t post on your blog very often, you can show your potential subscribers an opportunity to get newsletters about the latest posts on your blog.

5.           Show advantages of subscribing

When you leave a call for subscribers under your posts, it can be extremely useful to list some benefits that person can get from subscribing. For example, instead of writing “Please subscribe”, you can write “Subscribe, and you will get newsletters every time I post something new”. And you can also mention that you hold raffle prizes among your subscribers once in awhile. People like winning free stuff.

6.           Your “About page” and  social networks

Now, “about page” is an important thing in a website. So in case you didn’t pay attention to it before, you should definitely make it as detailed as possible. The main reason for this is that whenever a person visits your blog for the first time, reads posts and likes it, the next thing they usually do before subscribing is visiting your “about page” in order to get acquainted with you and the content you offer.

Other things that can be used are your social networks. Some of your subscribers may take an interest in your personal life outside your website, therefore you can live some links in your “about page”.

7.           Email signature

It is a wonderful idea to use email signature in order to find more people, who are interested in the content you provide as they are specially designed to promote blogs by providing easy access to main social media profiles and highlighting your latest post to drive traffic to your blog. In case you have some doubts check email signature examples аnd choose the most suitable option for you.

So, that’s it. Now you are aware of how to attract a fitting audience, how to keep it and how to make them subscribe. Try this 7 advice and you will see results quite soon.

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