All That You Need to Know About Wi-Fi for Buses & Motor Coaches

The need for internet connectivity is increasing by the day. People do not want to lose connectivity with the world when they are on the move. As a fleet management company, especially a company that deals with coaches and buses, you need to provide Wi-Fi on board the vehicles. Most of these buses and motor coaches cover long distances, and passengers want to stay connected on social media, continue working or stream entertainment media. It is easy to have Wi-Fi on motor coaches if you have the right information. One thing to know is that you will need to use 4G cellular connectivity to make your passengers happy.

All That You Need to Know About Wi-Fi for Buses & Motor Coaches

Research the Best Services

In most cases, the on-board internet is supplied by a cellular service provider. You are likely to have a variety of options when it comes to choosing the service providers. Almost every country has a couple of these service providers, and it is good to examine the services that they offer.

The aim here is to choose the strongest network that provides coverage throughout your entire route.  Another aspect to consider is the packages that they offer. Some will agree to give unlimited data for use at an agreed upon price while others will charge per gigabyte of data that is used.

Installation of Wi-Fi for Buses

Now that you know the service provider to use, it is time to implement that plan on all the vehicles that you are managing. Installation is done by IT experts who are specialized in internet connectivity. The first job is to install the internet receiver that holds the sim card of your preferred service provider. In most cases, it is installed near the driver cabin for ease of control.

The second step is to install the Wi-Fi routers in the bus or motor coach. Long transit coaches can have two routers to allow strong connectivity although one will be fine. There is no other place that is better to buy reliable routers than the Eyeride website; they have an excellent reputation.

Uses of Wi-Fi for Buses

The most important use of this technological advancement is to provide internet connectivity to the passengers. As mentioned above, most travelers still want to communicate, transact and trade while they are on the go. We have also seen numerous online apps that keep managers connected to their teams in the field. There is another group of people who want to stay connected on social media sites to market their businesses or music.

Another important use of Wi-Fi on buses and coaches is to transmit data back to the fleet management station. The drivers need to log in reports and other information through various apps and platforms. Likewise, the smart cameras and GPS can also use the same internet connectivity to transmit real-time information back to the base.


Wi-Fi for buses and coaches is an important technology we cannot live without. As per the highlights above, it is now easy to install the equipment necessary to stay connected to the internet all throughout the journey.

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