An Overview of Online Proctoring System

An overview of online proctoring system

The future of learning is e-learning. A global industry at a value close to $ 100, the rapid pace of development has created new pathways for emerging technologies. An area that has generated considerable buzz is proctored space. Not for e-learning online proctoring would scaled new heights. Considering what is a stake for online program service demand for such services have evolved at a considerable pace.

Has the thought of an online proctoring exam ever come to your mind, apart from traditional exams? Let us now consider various facets of online proctoring exams.

For the last few years, online proctoring exams have been in prominence. It is an objective test where a candidate is tested on their subject knowledge so that a better understanding of learning behavior is demonstrated.

Problems with online proctored exams

  • To find a proctored exam center near the location of a candidate still poses to be a challenge for any organization subject to taking tests
  • It is really difficult to come across qualified proctors. This means the quality of proctoring falters. No records are available to show whether a proctor has performed creditability in their job.
  • The limited number of test centers of proctors would lead to intensive exam schedules
  • Quite a lot of cases have come forward where candidates resort to cheating and impersonation. Candidates can ask someone else to appear on their behalf or can cheat by using a text book. With mobile phones, you can also ask your friend to send out answers.

Types of proctoring

Online proctoring in a live manner

Candidates are monitored by a live proctor with screen along with audio-video feeds shared in real time. A proctor at a single time can monitor around 25 candidates though this depends upon a provider. The main benefit of this model is that it combats location constraint associated with proctoring. The drawback is that still, you need to schedule an exam and a minimum amount of human effort is called for.

Automated proctoring at an advanced level

This is an advanced version of proctoring. The screen feeds along with audio video sessions of a candidate are recorded during an exam. In addition, system also monitors any suspicious activity during exam time via advanced video and audio analytics.

The candidate has to focus on the exams and sufficient light needs to be there in the room. If any suspicious activity is report a red flag is given

Can a candidate cheat during an online proctored exam?

Various blogs are there that provide tips for candidates to cheat during proctored exams. But elaborate preparation along with extreme measures is called to deceive a video proctoring system. The reason being audio video visuals are presentable for verification at any point in time.

A major chunk of candidates would fall in line rather than resorting to such methods. Proctors are experienced and well trained to detect any unethical practices with body language and eye movement being vital components.

As part of the process of video proctoring a candidate needs to provide a video of the surroundings while a test machine set up. With systems becoming more and more intelligent it is a herculean task to cheat.

Reasons why candidates think of proctored exams?

Candidates value convenience. It is natural for them to take a day off from work and proceed to the nearest examination center when all they can do is to give exams from their own home. Also, it can be at a suitable time. Till date, not much feedback has been obtained from candidates who have been part of proctored exams.

Currently, there are few companies that support the use of a mobile phone app in proctored exams. The device needs to have a front camera with web module tests needing a minimum level of checks.

The negatives associated with online proctoring

  • Certain types of commercial proctoring services are costly. For large students enrolment, per student prices could be prohibitive. But advanced levels of automated proctoring are cost-effective and scalable.
  • For a lot of users still, the method is at a naïve stage which makes them uncomfortable. Making the test taker aware of what to expect during an exam is vital. Subsequently, it can reduce stress levels though it could seem to be an invasion of privacy.
  • Human proctors monitoring online sessions cannot be that effective. Once again automated proctoring reduces human errors.

Things to keep in mind when you are choosing an online proctoring system

  • Easy and quick integration with your existing assessment engine. Any solution in a market will ask you to use their assessment engine, and the proctoring system can be run as a parallel application.
  • The platform has to be robust as desktop sharing; video steaming is all regular features. Any glitches could have an impact on the performance of a candidate. You should keep in mind that a tool should not be selected on a location basis. There are some systems that would work well in a particular part of the world, whereas in others it might not be the case.
  • Automation becomes better. The market is flooded with modern technologies which makes online proctoring effective.
  • Superior reporting capabilities would ensure that you are on top of the candidate’s ability and to make the initiative a success rely on efficiency metrics.

What the future holds in store for online proctoring?

For online courses, remote proctoring is going to be the future. It could have an impact on the various assessment types. Current trends connote

  • Verifying authentication of a candidate via biometrics from devices like fitness monitors or smart watches
  • Fitness monitors or smart watches can be deployed to ascertain changes in temperature or pulse rates and throwing these data to proctoring software. This will detect any malpractices.
  • To combat impersonation, facial recognition is already employed. Also keyboard analysis is also in use. Touch screen behavior analysis and sound recognition could be implemented as additional checks.
  • Illumination analysis, head movement along with position is already in use to combat cheating. Voice expressions or change of tone could be used in the coming days.

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