Apple iOS 11 Features and Developments

Apple iOS 11 Features and Developments : Apple is all set to dive into 2017, which will mark the tenth anniversary of their celebrated iPhone device line-up. Predictably so, the year also marks the anniversary of the iOS smartphone platform line-up and the upcoming iOS 11 is definitely slated to sport significant ramp ups from the iOS 10. Apple iOS 11 Features and Developments

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Apple is expected to come up with an announcement for their iOS 11 launch at the WWDC conference which will take place in June, post which the Cupertino based tech firm is expected to roll out the software alongside the iPhone variants at their September launch event.

Apple iOS 11 Features and Developments

Apple rolled out the iOS 10 back in 2016 which saw the OS bear significant upgrades from its previous iterations including incorporating Siri in their Macbook line of notebooks. Now the iOS 11 is definitely pegged to feature further ramp-ups from the iOS 10 incorporating further advancements into Apple’s Operating System

Apple iOS 11 Features and Developments

Apple iOS 11 Features and Developments

iOS 11 Will Feature an Upgraded Siri AI

Apple’s Virtual assistant Siri have by far, been one of the most convenient features of the OS and the software has undergone multiple enhancements and tweaks with succeeding iterations since it first surfaced. iOS 11 will reportedly see the virtual-assistant being able to function with non-apple apps by taking controls via voice commands.

iOS 11 Will Reportedly Skip Out On The Dark Mode

The User Interface of iOS 10 was very bright and featured really high contrast white-ish backgrounds in almost all of its stock applications making it often distracting and inconvenient in dimly lit backgrounds. The Cupertino-based introduced a special Dark Mode in their last iOS iteration which featured the functionality of inverts the iPhone or iDevice font colors resulting in enough breathing time and a much better convenience for your eyes in a dimly lit environment.

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Received positively from the mass, the Dark mode will most probably cease to feature in the iOS 11 owing to the fact that Apple is working on a much more optimal user interface for their new iteration of the iOS.

iOS 11 Will Incorporate Search-By-Typing Feature

Using iOS 10, searching something specific on an iPhone or an iPad requires voice commands to Siri instead of typing which can prove to unaffordable or socially unacceptable in some situations like business meetings or libraries where an out-loud Siri is not desirable. Post Microsoft releasing the Search-by-typing feature in their Cortana, it was automatically assumed that the same feature will surface on the iOS when the next iteration is rolled out.

iOS 11 Will Feature Built-in Emojis

Apple rolled out their latest iOS 10 whose beta version featured emoji support initially having an option of 37 emoji characters at the time of release. Over the months, the OS had more than 600 emoji updates in subsequent update versions.

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However, the tech firm is changing things up with their new OS, with iOS 11 expected to feature built-in emojis in the base version itself and will not be reportedly receiving any future emoji updates whatsoever.

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