ASP.NET V/S PHP for Website Development

Being an entrepreneur you might not have a great deal of knowledge about thousands of programming languages available throughout worldwide. But for the success of your business online, one should have a uniquely designed website. For creating a website, developers have to choose the most appropriate and accurate programming language as per the required work process. Among all the programming languages, ASP.Net and PHP are the most popular and suitable languages being adopted by many web development companies.

There has always been a conflict among clients for choosing the right platform between ASP.NET and PHP for web development. Which one do you think is better?

Even developers face the similar trouble of selection process, as they are always having a confusion as to which language will prove the best in their particular case.

On one side, we have PHP, the world’s most popular language on the internet with millions of PHP web development companies. On the contrary, we have ASP.NET an open source server-side web development framework used for web development.

For the selection purpose, one must have a great understanding of both the languages. Decision making will be easier when most important aspects will be considered during the decision-making process.

Cost-effectiveness, speed & performance, scalability, support, etc. are the major characteristics which should be considered while making the decision of selecting the superior language among ASP.Net and PHP.

Firstly, before building any idea about both the languages regarding which one to select, let’s discuss some of the aspects of both the languages.

What is PHP?

The full form of PHP is ‘Personal Home Page’ and it is a general source scripting language which is widely used for web development as it can be embedded in HTML, it is also an open source platform, which adds to its credibility. PHP is a mixture of programming language and web framework.

php web development

What is ASP.Net?

ASP.Net is an open source web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It is a paid Microsoft platform and a straight application framework.

Comparison b/w ASP.Net and PHP vs PHP for web dev

Market share

From the given pie chart, we can see the market share of both the platforms. As given, Ruby on rails = 9 %, = 34 %, and PHP = 57 %. This actually seems to be a great news for the developers of any eminent PHP web development company. We can easily predict about the huge popularity of PHP after analyzing the market share given in above chart. The performance of PHP as compared to ASP.Net is far better. It is also clear that PHP is mostly adopted by the developers. The market is the place where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods and services in return for prices paid. To maintain stability in the perfectly competitive market, one should be highly aware of the recent trend, taste, preferences, modern technologies, innovations etc.

Technology market share

Speed & Performance

There is a little difference b/w the speed of both the platforms i.e. and PHP. Mainly there is a misconception that usually takes place while deciding among both the languages to build a website as many of us think there will be a huge difference arises in the speed of the website built in both languages. But this is untrue, as there is only a bit difference among both the languages relating to speed and performance. It’s been said that ASP.Net is an elegant language which is very easy to use and performs well as compared to PHP, but let’s make it clear that ASP.Net does not allows irregularities on the other side, PHP is one of the most popular language which is being used by developers to develop web apps as it is an easier language for beginners to pick up. There are a number of websites written in PHP such as Mailchimp and Facebook etc.


In terms of scalability, both the languages are extremely scalable. What actually matters while selecting amongst both the languages is that what kind of business are you doing and the state of business you are actually in?

If you are a DIY entrepreneur and want to take a crack at developing with Drupal then PHP is a preferable option over ASP.Net as it is a language that comes with the lowest learning curve.

If you are looking to hire a web developer to develop your website, then you must go to the best available talent and either that talents work with PHP or ASP.Net. Well, if you are still pointing out the difference then honestly, it’s clear that those who denotes PHP as clunky in comparison to ASP.Net, then this will only show itself as a weakness to your website if you hire imperfect PHP coders.

Likewise, if is a more demanding language than PHP then that doesn’t mean you may find great and talented developers within the same pool of ASP.Net.


While comparing b/w both the languages in respect of proper support then, on one side ASP.Net is having a well-designed community which is being able and willing to post to forums and answers to questions related to ASP.Net challenges.

On the other side, PHP is open source and widely used language for web development as it is highly durable and there are plenty of developers available.


There is only one area where PHP owns a distinctive advantage over ASP.Net as we know that PHP is an open source framework that’s why it is completely free of cost. Whereas, ASP.Net is owned by Microsoft and charges a considerable amount of hosting.

So, after reading all these points of difference b/w ASP.Net and PHP you might have a better perspective of choosing the language you find much more suitable for your business.

There are mainly many advantages of and PHP.

Advantages of PHP

  • It is mainly an open source framework that means it is totally free and can be improved by a large number of peoples.
  • It has large support community of programmers.
  • PHP is great for large projects like Facebook
  • It is highly accessing and effective as compared to other platforms as it can communicate with different database types,
  • It is highly scalable as it can be easily customized according to your need,
  • There are an enormous number of PHP developers available in the market,
  • Low cost, easy to learn and code,
  • There are numerous of online support groups which mutually helps to learn the process.

Disadvantages of PHP

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of PHP is that it is not able to develop an app for desktop applications,
  • Compared to other applications PHP apps runs slower,
  • It usually allows customization which causes bugs and poor coding than ASP.NET,
  • PHP error handling is usually considered poor as it works slower and ineffective as compared to other platforms. web development

Advantages of ASP.NET

  • Microsoft owns it,
  • It is highly scalable,
  • Work well with windows,
  • It supports all other programming languages,
  • It notify developers about any mistake in coding before compiling,
  • It has lots of tools and features to support programmers,
  • An excellent UI for developers,
  • An astounding platform for enterprise applications.

Disadvantages of ASP.NET

  • It is not easy to learn and understand,
  • Smaller support community,
  • It is basically based on closed source technology,
  • Not good as PHP for web development,
  • Operates Microsoft server,
  • It is more Costly as compared to PHP.

Hopefully, after a detailed guidance about both programming languages i.e. and PHP you might have an idea of selecting the best and appropriate one according to your suitable work process. The advantages and disadvantages discussed above would definitely help you for selecting the best and most suitable language for your next web development project.

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