How to Backup And Restore Sms And Imessages On A Clean Ios Install

Backup And Restore Sms And Imessages On A Clean Ios Install

How To Backup And Restore Sms And Imessages On A Clean Ios Install : It is obvious that most private and confidential information can be found on a person’s iPhone since it is a private gadget. Most of the things we store on our phones are entirely important to us. From the pictures to videos to files in our phone libraries and even text messages, the idea of loosing such information or items gives everyone chills. However it is not news when your details are formatted and your phone is left as new most probably by a virus. In such a situation such details are lost forever. However, when you have a clean IOS install, you can restore your sms and imessages having a computer, iTunes, lightning cable and iBackupBot through the following procedural steps.

How To Backup And Restore Sms And Imessages On A Clean Ios Install

Backup iPhone; you should move your messages to your computer. This can be facilitated by use of iTunes. Backup the phone with the messages. You should be keen to check the option ‘this computer. You should also uncheck the option, ‘encrypt iPhone backup’. Wait for the backup process to be completed so that you can unplug the iPhone. Click here to know more.

Destination iPhone; the messages may be required in the same phone or in a new one. For a new phone, you will just require to set it up using the normal options till you reach the home screen. If it’s the same phone, you will need to format it or reset it to factory default. Plug the iPhone into a computer. From there, have iTunes opened. Repeat the backup but do not close iTunes or unplug from the computer.

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Naming of backup; this is where you will require iBackupBot. Search for the ‘backups’ section and in it, select the recently created backup. The recent backup is visibly identifiable using the time stamp. You can then click on ‘user information manager’ after clicking o the disclosure triangle. In case you do not have the iBackupBot, you will have to launch it on your device first.

How to Backup And Restore Sms And Imessages On A Clean Ios Install

How to Backup And Restore Sms And Imessages On A Clean Ios Install

Importing; get to the messages tab and click on it. There is an option called ‘import’ which you will click on. It is possible to be asked to choose the backup to which you will import from. If asked so then choose the backup in the first step and be sure to click on it. On the import messages option, click OK and on the same option, click on ‘do these for all conflicts’ box. Again be sure to click yes. There is a dialogue box that will show that the messages have been conjoined with the backup. There is an option ‘remove options from device that will not be restored’ which you will use to do a complete restore. By now you have no use with the iBackupBot, you can close it down.

Restoring backup; you will now need to go back to iTunes and this is where you restore backup. You will need to go back to the backup created in the second stage. You can now click on restore. The details to be restored are not in the system of the iPhone. All the text messages that you needed to be on the destination iPhone are restored.

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Confirmation; when the restore is complete, you need to confirm that all your messages have been transferred successfully. The attachments merged via iBackupBot should also be transferred. Unfortunately the messages do not have contact names. To get the contact names you will need iCloud. By now you should have your messages and any other details that you were transferring. The process is quite easy and anyone can do it without help from anyone.

Information is easily lost, especially very important information which cannot be found anywhere again. Backup and restore should be an option that everyone should consider especially when installing new operating system into your device. However there is information that can cause problems if not protected or if infected by a virus. Some devices are not compatible with files restored from a device with a different operating system. For instance some videos may not play or some files cannot open. Images cannot also be viewed hence one should check the operating system before transferring files.

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