Best 3D Printing Apps for Android

3D printing technology is growing at a faster rate from last few years. A few years back, the 3D printing was only able to do through the computers. But nowadays the app builders introduced a plenty of apps to make 3D objects with the help of smartphones.

So, the 3D printing is not just limited to the computers. This new achievement will gonna change the world’s technology in an effective way. In this article, we are going to know about some popular and useful 3D printing apps for the android platform. You can install these apps on your smartphone and start making innovative 3D objects.


The Thingiverse app is offered by MakerBot Industries, LLC. This is a world largest community for building and sharing 3D printing. You can directly share the images of your print with the community. You can also send things directly to this app to start printing on your MakerBot 5th generation printer. Size of this app is not too big; it’s only 4.7 MB.

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Blokify is the paid app on play store. Earlier it was only available for iOS users but now also available on play store. This app is offered by Blokify. Its cost is around 270.75 INR or $3.99. Blokify lets the builders create block models. Once the model is completed, it can be 3D printed to take fun from virtual to physical play. As this is a paid app.

There are not lots of users using this. But it has great accessories to build 3D objects. This app supports most of the popular 3D printers. Here you can build your community and can share your creations and ideas. The size of the app is about 73 MB.

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Some images to show you the interface of the app.

3.MakerBot MOBILE

This app is also offered by MakerBot Industries, LLC. MakerBot created apps work well with MakerBot Replicator 3D printers. This app is designed for the engineers. With the option of getting connected with Thingiverse, engineers can download 3D digital designs according to their need.

Some of the designs in the community are free while some are paid. You can also use MakerBot Mobile to monitor and control your MakerBot Replicator 3D printer from anywhere. You can pause, cancel and can even start the print without going near to the printer. This is a good app for a newbie as well as for professionals. Its size is about 26.59 MB.


This app is offered by MD code. This is also a paid app for 3D printing. But it has better reviews than Blokify as this is available on play store before Blokify. It costs you around 250.18 INR. You can control your 3D printer from your Android device. It supports wired and wireless printing. It also supports SD card printing. It works with many 3D printers like RepRap, PrintrBot, Ultimaker, Robot3d, etc. Each layer of the 3D object painted by the different color to see how a layer overlaps with the other layer.

Also have multiple UI themes like black colored, gray, etc. Before purchasing the app make sure that your printer works with the free version of this app, i.e., GCode Simulator(Free). Size of this app is about 8.65 MB.

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This app is offered by SolidWorks. One more paid and effective app for designing 3D models. This app is also famous among engineers. It costs you around 122.24 INR. The interface of this app is easy to use. eDrawings can open 3D, 2D and associated from any file source such as email or Dropbox. This app has lots of features; you can rotate, pan and zoom your model. Some samples files are included in this app, that will help you in getting the ideas. By simply activating the device’s camera, the user can bring their virtual 3D designs in a real context. There is another version of this app named eDrawings Professional which allows multiple users to give feedback on the designs before printing them. Size of this app is about 34.23 MB.

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Some images to show you the interface of the app.

The above apps are some of the best 3D printing apps available in the play store. You can choose one of them as per the connectivity with your 3D printer because every app can’t be able to connect with every 3D printer. These apps help you in giving your ideas a shape. These apps help both a newbie as well as a professional.

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