Best battery saver app for rooted devices : The Greenify App

Best battery saver app for rooted devices : The Greenify App There are several applications out there in the market, claiming to be the best battery saver apps in the market. Just search for the keyword battery saver in the Google Play Store and you will see tons to sites loading up. If you ever happen to download any of these apps, you will realise how false is what they claim. Instead of boosting your device’s battery, they tend to reduce it.

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On the contrary, there is another application named Greenify which actually works as per, what is claims. I have personally tried most of the battery saver apps out there and never found an app of Greenify’s standard.

Best battery saver app for rooted devices : The Greenify App

If you aren’t familiar with this app, you would be thinking what actually Greenify is and what is special in this app. I will tell you everything about Greenify in this post.

What is Greenify App?

Greenify is an app that helps you to save battery life. That’s what I can say about Greenify in just one sentence. But that’s not all. Apart from helping you to save your battery life,  is also prevents some ram consuming useless apps to run and needlessly consume your ram.

Note : There is another version of the Greenify App which is known as Greenify donation. This version of Greenify is paid and have some extra features. Get greenify donation apk 

How Greenify Works?

Greenify app stops all those apps which are currently running on your phone but are not being used by you. For example, there are certain antivirus apps or some games which run in the background and consume a lot of battery. If those apps keep running continuously, they usually lead to heating up of the phone.
The battery of the phone drains very fast and the phone also starts lagging.

This is where Greenify app comes to play. If any such battery and ram draining apps are detected on your device, greenify automatically shuts them off and they aren’t opened again, unless done explicitly by the user.

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Features of Greenify App 

As I said that Greenify is an awesome app, so there would be some really cool features of this app.

Let me list some of those:-

◆ Unlike the “Freeze” feature in “TitaniumBackup Pro” that totally disable the app, you can still use your app, as usual, share content with it. No need to freeze & defrozen it.

◆ Unlike “Autostarts”, you can benefit from almost all of its advantages, without needing to deal with the complexity and risk of obscure app components, and never lose functionality when an app is actively running.

◆ Unlike any “XXX Task Killer”, your device will never fall into the cat-mouse-game of stealthy-running and aggressive killing, which unnecessarily consumes more battery juice.

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Requirements for using Greenify App

Only two basic requirements are there for using the greenify app. They are

  • Your device should have root access.
  • Xposed should be installed in your device.

If your device fulfills these two requirements, you can use the greenify app.

How to download and use greenify app 

You can follow the steps given below to download and use the greenify app

  • Click here to download and install Greenify app from Google Play Store.
  • Now open xposed in your device and go to modules.
  • You will see the greenify icon over there and an option to tick mark it.
  • Tick mark the icon.
  • Now open the greenify app and customize it as per your need.

Final Words

So this was a short and simple guide about the best battery saver app ever made, Greenify. I tried my best to explain you everything I knew about this app. If you liked this article, do share it with your friends.
If you think something is missing here, comment below and I will update the post.

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