Best Fitbit Devices – Features and Price

Six type of Fitbit Devices

Best Fitbit Devices:-Now we think that all you know about the Fitbit device. Fitbit is an activity tracking device which measures and tracks you every activity like sleeping, walking, running, swimming and heart rate also. And for fulfilling these all requirement, Fitbit developed it six different type of tracking device which is available in the market. Those all the devices are easy to carry, easy to use and each one has some unique feature. If you are an athlete so you can use Fitbit in your regular exercise to track your time of exercise and if you are health conscious or a patient of any disease so you can use Fitbit to monitor your heart rate.

So these all six fitbit devices are like:-

Best Fitbit Devices – Features and Price

Best Fitbit Devices - Features and Price

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Fitbit Flex

Flex is select by athletes because it is used to carry. It comes in a model of wrist band so you can easily tie it up in your wrist while you are performing the exercise. Its price is between 80$ – 100$.


  1. It is very easy to carry you not only can wear it while workout but also you can wear it for normal time because it is very dashing in look.
  2. It is water resistance which helps you to track your swimming.

Fitbit Zip

With the very affordable price here the Fitbit Zip is available for you. So if you are looking for different color option in Fitbit then this is the right choice for you because Fitbit Zip is available in every different color option like blue, green, black, white, red and many more.


  1. With the tracing your running time it also track your regular stairs climbing.
  2. It has a pure LCD screen display.

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit charge is little high in price as compare to other device because it is latest and advance. It can connect with your mobile phone. And if you have any notification then it will inform in same time. Fitbit charge is available on Amazon with the price of 130$.


  1. Fitbit charge has OLED screen display which not affects your eyes.
  2. It has a very long battery backup.
  3. Sleep tracking is automatically on and off in this device.

Fitbit One

Fitbit One is a very cute and small type of device which comes with the hook. You can wear it in your belt while running. It is available in two color option black and burgundy.


  1. Fitbit one tracks your sleep time and stairs climbing of everyday.
  2. For track your sleeping time you must have to wear it on your wrist.
  3. It has an OLED display screen.

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR is a least price device in the list of Fitbit. It is about 20$ and available on Amazon. Charge HR comes with a long battery backup which can stand for five days. And this is especially for those athletes who need to track their heart rates while they are exercise.


  1. Now it necessary that strapping is require for track heart rate. It can monitor youe heart rate easily.
  2. Unbeatable battery life, very long.

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge is also available in the model of wristband. It is like a dashing watch. It is different from the other devices, it uses your gps to track your location and show it in your display on a map.


  1. It alert you in sms and also check the caller id details.
  2. You can connect it in your device and control music player.

So these all are the six Fitbit device, choose one which is better for you !

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