10 Best Fitnesss Planner Apps

Best Fitnesss Planner Apps 2016 : Fitness is not a thing which we can just think about it once, it is a dialy life routine. Fitness is the main factor to main a good health. Fitness is not an instant and a easy thing to do but it we can make it easy by using fitness planner apps in our smart phone.

10 Best Fitnesss Planner Apps

Mobile apps can make ideal fitness companions. If you are trying to loose weight you need to have constant work out dialy in the morning,  you need to go for a walk more and go for jogging dialy and these fitness apps can you help you progress better for your fitness. Through the fitness apps you can count calories and measure the workouts and walking done by you easily so that you can follow it everyday constantly and improve your fitness.

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Here I share few 10 best fitness planner apps which can help you maintain your health and fitness well.


You don’t need to buy this application this app is free of cost. C25K Couch to 5K is a super fitness app which makes your body shape well and prepare you to get ready to run 5k. This app as an unique feature of creating your own music playlist in this app when you go out for jogging, walking and your work outs. This app also have zero to 10k, 5k to 10k, and half marathon training program which you can track on.


This app is free of cost within app purchases. This is one of the best app when it comes to fitness. In this app you can track and record your fitness activities. You can even record pep talks and a huge featured app for other things to access. This app is $2.50/month subscription service. With the help of this app you can create your own personal training for your fitness.

10 Best Fitnesss Planner Apps

10 Best Fitnesss Planner Apps


Usually the fitness app try to take a control over your performance and help you to get into a better shape and fitness, but this fitnotes by james gay is opposite to the other apps this app just let you do your works and record and track your dialy performance and activities.


Ingress is a intresting app as it works as an effective game to get back your body shape and fitness. The worst part to loose weight for people is going out of the house and doing fitness workouts. Here the intresting this is you can go around in the classic game where you can hack portals.

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Jefit acts as your personal trainer and there are some reasons why you should not let it be so. It has a database with around 1300 exercises that have few animation for demo how to the work outs. It also has a standard fitness tracking. This app is highly rated and free to use.


As we all know that yoga is accepted to be a fact as a good way to exercise and maintain a good body shape. If you want to get into yoga and this pocket yoga app is very useful. There are over 200 poses which includes animation and voice instructions too.


Progression is a solid fitness app. This app contains few exercise which you can follow and also can make your own too. This is helpful app for the people to exercise restrictions with a specific features in and out workout activities.

This progression app is free to try.


Runkeeper is an android app which is virtual boatland which people have used. This app plays a good role for runners as it records the performance of each and everyday. You can even create the running routes and plan your own fitness plans.

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This runtastic is a highly rated fitness app where in people can have fun enjoy and get motivated well to get into their fitness. This app as an gps tracking on your running, walking, biking etc. it presents your tracking performance in a good customized graph.


This sports tracker running cycling app is a good option for runners and cyclists. You can track and record and analyze the data and know how well you work on it. The unique thing in this app is you can also share your performance on social media which can motivate you well.

Conclusion – 10 Best Fitnesss Planner Apps

These are the 10 Best Fitnesss Planner Apps which can help you better in your fitness performance and everyday activities.

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