Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress : A Content Delivery Network, CDN (or Content Distribution Network) is a system of strategically positioned servers around the globe. List Of Best Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Free CDN Services to Improve Website Perormance. These servers maintain and accelerate your content. The most goals of a CDN regard speed, scalability, and high-availability. A request from a user can always be routed to the closest point of presence (POP). User’s distance to those servers has an effect on loading time. Best Free CDN

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Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

A closer and highly performing POP can considerably improve user expertise as a result of reduced loading time, lower latency, and minimized package loss. A Content Delivery Network also will cut the operational value and makes it easy to scale seamlessly without further effort. We supercharge your content delivery whether it’s game, software system or the other web data.

Fast page loading speed is key to the success of any kinds of websites. There are many ways in speeding up websites, among which utilizing a CDN service is an effective option.

List Of Best Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service

1.CloudFlare – Best Free CDN service To Speed up WordPress Blog

CloudFlare is no doubt the best CDN WordPress plugin, they have the common tagline “Give us five minutes and we’ll supercharge your website”. They deliver this super-fast blazing speed service because they have their servers located across the world. It optimizes your web pages with the ad servers and all the third party widgets are loaded faster in both mobile and desktop version of the website. It also protects your websites from online threats using WAF (Website Application Firewall) and also protects you from DoS attacks using advanced protection.

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

On our blog Techcrack, we are also using CloudFlare CDN service to speed-up our WordPress based Blog. I think this is one of the must user and Best Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service.

To use this service you need to log on to CloudFlare CDN official page and SignUp for a new account and fill all required details and than add your website by entering your blog URL. After that, it will provide you with custom nameserver. You just update the provided nameserver for the domain you have added and than chose the free plan, done.

Cloudflare Features – Best CDN for WordPress


Cloudflare dramatically improves website performance through our global CDN and web optimization features.


Cloudflare’s WAF, DDoS protection, and SSL defend website owners and their visitors from all types of online threats.


With over 35% market share, Cloudflare runs the largest, fastest, and most reliable managed DNS service in the world.


Cloudflare’s network helps identify visitor and bot behavior that isn’t accessible to conventional analytics technologies.

2. MaxCDN (Paid)

MaxCDN is the popular CDN provider which is very easy to use. You can install this plugin faster if you have W3 Total Cache plugin installed on your website. You just have to enter ID and API details after moving onto the CDN tab, and you can get started. But, this plugin is not free to use, but it offers the free trial version. It only offers free trial version if your website consumes more than 15TB of data. It has multiple packages option like Entrepreneur, professional and custom.

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

In the entrepreneur version you will have packages up to 1TB, in the professional version you will have packages up to 25TB, and in the custom version, you can create your package depending upon the gigabytes usage.

MaxCdn Features

  • Global Presence

    Put your content closer to all of your end users with our high-speed global edge locations.

  • Smart Acceleration

    Deliver your content on the fastest route possible with exceptional traffic shaping logic and wholly-owned routers.

  • Smart Network

    We remove obstacles between users and your content with our 600+ ISP peering agreements.

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3. Photon By Jetpack

Photon is the best CDN service provider for the WordPress plugin developed by the Jetpack. Jetpack plugin is the must have the plugin for the WordPress user as it makes your blog user-friendly. So, after installing the Jetpack plugin, you can install the Photon easily. Photon is basically for the blogs which contain lots of images. As it just filters the info from the database and provide it to the visitors.So, it loads the images from the servers and delivers it to your visitors.

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

Jetpack Features

Photon is an image acceleration and editing service for sites hosted on or on Jetpack-connected WordPress sites. That means less load on your host and faster images for your readers.

To start using Photon:

  1. From the Jetpack page in your blog dashboard, click the Activate button for Photon.
  2. You’re done! Your images will now be served dynamically from the global cloud.

How Photon Works

  • Photon filters content but doesn’t change the info in the database.
  • Photon currently only acts on images in posts and pages, as well as featured images/post thumbnails via the image_downsize filter.
  • Photon will apply to old posts and new ones alike and can be turned on or off easily.

4. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is the emerging CDN provider for the WordPress blog as it was just launched recently. Like, other CDN provider it is also the best CDN provider and it charges you as per the GB consume. Though, they provide you calculator, where you can use it to estimate how much you are going to pay them after registering for their services. They also provide lots of features like Fast TCP stack, Secure Token, Real time stats, Origin Shield, and many more to keep your website safe and secure.

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

Keycdn Features

Totally Optimized

A highly optimized TCP stack and 100% SSD coverage are just some of the factors that make our platform faster than others.

Powerful Features

HTTP/2, origin shield, RESTful API, real-time stats, instant purge and many more awesome features crafted with love for you.

Global Network

Built on IP Anycast and on our latency based routing technology for best performance and scalability. Developed for lightning speed.

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5. Incapsula

Incapsula is one of the best CDN providers available on the internet. You can experience the website loading time got reduced after installing the plugin. Also, it has got several advanced features like safety from the DDoS attacks, bot protection, and the WAF protection from the online threats, access control, Login Protect, and many more. It provides the dedicated community where you can ask several questions to the community members and ask questions.

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress

Best Free CDN : Content Delivery Network For WordPress


CloudFlare comes with a whole variety of tools for website security and performance. Some of the website security tools include protection against SQL injection and cross-site scripting. Some of the website performance tools we found especially useful include content caching and global CDN. All of these options are done on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about installing any hardware or software, so your site will be secure and quick for your visitors and easy for you to manage.

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