Best Phone Lock Apps That Take Picture Secretly

Best Phone Lock Apps That Take Picture Secretly : Today, The world is all about electronic gadgets. WE all are crazy about mobiles, computer, laptop, tab and many more. WE all love to chat, click photos, talking.WE can also do online shopping, payments, etc. on our phone itself. So, for these things we should have security in our phone and laptops.Many people now a days do all their work on the phone because it is easy to handle, people can travel anywhere by keeping the small mobile phone in their pocket itself.

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Best Phone Lock Apps That Take Picture Secretly

Sometimes our friends and family members also tries to unlock our phone to see the activities we are doing. So here we will discuss the phone lock apps that take pictures of the intruder who wants to unlock our phone, see our gallery and chats or want to play the famous candy game. Taking a picture of the intruder is a very good thing for the security of phones and laptops. Here I would love to tell you some app locks that take the picture on the unknown person who wants to unlock your phone.

AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security

Best Phone Lock Apps That Take Picture Secretly

AVG Android security app is very eminent app today. People are using it in many numbers. It is because it has many features for the safety of our phone. IT can scan apps settings, files, calls even text messages also. It can remove the virus from your phone, the junk files, etc. IT can help you in finding your lost phone or if it has been stolen by someone. If it has been stolen and if your phone is in silent mode your phone will start ringing(shout) so that you get know about the location.

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It also has an App lock feature which is password protected for the privacy of your phone. THE app lock can snap the photo of an unknown person who is trying to unlock your phone and sends a clear photo to your Gmail account so that you will easily find that person. IT also helps to lock the device.  This app lock also helps in device lock system. It suddenly locks your phone or device when the sim card is removed from your phone.

  • IT has some disadvantage also that the phone starts to hang sometimes because of many features.
  • I like this app because of its app lock feature and it is a very excellent antivirus app.

Hidden Eye: Catch your friends


Best Phone Lock Apps That Take Picture Secretly


It is also a type of app lock that take pictures of the unknown person who wants to unlock your phone. This app is suitable for that phone also who haven’t front camera and simply it is suitable for the phone who have the front camera. IF we have not the front camera, then we can set it from setting to play ringtone whenever a user tries to unlock your phone without knowledge after three times of wrong attempts. If you have the front camera, then it will capture the clear image of the unknown person. IN this the captured image is stored in the hidden eye folder where you can see the image of that unknown person. IF it stores the photos on the phone then its available for you to sync photos to the DROPBOX.

  • IT also has some disadvantages. This app does not work on all the devices like it do not work on NEXUS devices. So this is not useful for all the users.

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Third Eye

Best Phone Lock Apps That Take Picture Secretly

It also catches all the mobile snoopers with ease. It takes a clear image while someone tries to access your phone with the wrong password. You will be notified about wrong attempts while you unlock your phone. You will also be able to know that last time when you have unlocked your phone , using this technique you will easily find if some are trying to access your phone at that time. In this app, we can set that after how many attempts the app will take a picture of the unknown user.

  • When the picture is taken the photo appears in small box .Even if on zoom in the zooming is not clear.

CrookCatcher – Anti Theft

Best Phone Lock Apps That Take Picture Secretly

It also takes a selfie when there is a wrong attempt of password in your device. It is also vey helpful in finding the location of your phone . It gives you a chance at reclaiming your stolen phone. The picture of the unknown person taken is sends to your email with the Smartphone’s location to you. It hides notification on lock screen app. The best thing is that about location .SO , I will easily get to know that where is my phone.

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  • The disadvantage is that it is not supported in Samsung galaxy S5. The picture quality is also not good.

Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

Best Phone Lock Apps That Take Picture Secretly

THIS app keeps your phone safe and secure when someone tries to access your phone with the wrong password. This app send you photos of the intruder within 10 seconds of wrong attempts and also sends you location o your phone. This app is completely silent and do invisible operation. It also has a lock screen that lock your phone no extra lock screen ap is needed. It do not use extra battery for his work. It only takes battery when some one is entering password .The premium version seems to have extra protection because of sound recording for 20 sec.

  • The disadvantage is that it takes stealth photo of the intruder. By this you will be able to clearly find about the intruder.

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