5 Best Screen Recorders for Android & iOS

You may need to record your mobile screen for a number of reasons. For instance, you may be great at playing a mobile game and would love to showcase your skills to the world by recording the game play video. You may also like to create video tutorials. Here is the list of top 5 screen recording applications you can use.

 best screen recorder for android iOS


There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that AirShou is one of the best screen recording tools ever to be designed. It begins recording your mobile screen in a snap, with just one push of the button. It can record just about every ongoing activity on the screen. Whether it is a game you are playing or an app you are navigating. Your screen will be captured in high quality and you can upload the videos on YouTube and other video sites. You can Download AirShou on your device.


 EveryCord truly and surely merited a place among the top 5 screen recorders. It is a lightweight and easy to use screen recording tool. You can start capturing the screen with just one tap. Even if you are playing a heavy-duty game on your mobile, you will not even feel the app is running in the background. It records the screen at high fps and is perfect for creating game play videos and online tutorials. Of course, it is free of cost.


Rec is an incredible screen recording app designed for the Android devices. This app offers to you a simple looking and yet elegant user interface. Rec is not only easy to use but is also highly functional. It can also record the audio from your device. If you like, you can also modify the bit rate. To get started, all you need to do is run the app and press the Record button. Please not that the app will run a counter of 10 before starting the recording so that you have enough time to get prepared.

BB Recorder

BB Recorder has been around for a little while and in this time span it has become immensely popular. This tool is free of cost and yet offers many exciting and unique features. For it lets you easily mirror your device during recording. It also lets you stream the videos directly through its user interface. BB Recorder is a feature-rich application that offers high functionality and incredible ease of use. It is perfect for both casual users and professionals.


iCapture, as the name suggests, is an iOS only screen recording application. It is considered as one of the best because it is easy to use and offers high quality screen recording. It is lightweight and does not consume much of the system resources. You can record your screen in HD quality as well.

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