How to Block Distracting Apps for Particular Time in Android

Now you can Block Particular Android apps for Particular Time which will avoid distraction for you. Usually what we see that nowadays people keep lot’s of android apps in their mobile and only a few are useful for them. Remaining apps are just time consuming and they distract us from our offline work. As we all know that facebook, instagram, snapchat are just for fun and entertainment purpose but what we do that we always keep scrolling news feeds on these social networking sites which is just useless. Such useless apps reduce human being’s productivity.

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how to block distracting apps for android

So here in this post i will be sharing a tool with you by which you can easily block distracting apps in your android device for a particular period of time. By this tool you will be able to block a specific app for specific time and after the specific time app will be unlocked and you will be able to use that app. This tool is very useful for those people’s who follow “Time Management”. Also it is very useful for students as they spend lot’s of time on social media and by this tool they can easily prepare their schedule.

How to Block Android Apps for Particular Period of Time

  • At first Download ClearLock: Block Distractions app in your android device.
  • Now open the app and you will find the list of apps which are being currently used in your android device.
  • Now select those apps which you want to block for particular period of time.
  • After that choose period of time that how long you want to keep them blocked.
  • Now clear lock will ask you to confirm your app block. Simply click on “I’M SURE” there.
  • Note: You wouldn’t be able to use these apps till the particular time has ended.
  • Now a screen will appear which will let you know that how much time is remaining to use those apps.
  • That’s it, Now you will have enough time to complete your offline work till these apps are blocked.
  • In case of emergency if you want to access these apps then simply restart your device.
  • That’s it, Enjoy this cool app for your time management.

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