5 Clash Royale Tactics to Help You Win

Clash Royale is a free online, real-time, head-to-head battle video game in the Clash Universe, developed and published by Supercell. It is a spin-off of the popular Supercell game “Clash of Clans”. The game is a strategical game which was released globally on March 2, 2016. It can be played on both Android and iOS phones. It is a trio of Cards, Collection, and Arenas games with the creativity of Supercell. It has some 50 million+ people as Android user and 25 million+ people as iOS users.

In the starting of the game, you have to sign in for the game, so that your data is saved on the cloud storage of the account of the game. Next step will be to finish the training program to unlock the Multi-player version of the game. Players get ranked according to their level and trophy count. There are at max 13 levels and 11 playing arenas in total.

Clash Royale Tactics

Clash Royale Tactics

Players can level up by gaining more experience points by upgrading and donating cards. In a Multi-Player battle, you will only win if you destroy more towers than the opponent. Trophies are of crown shaped, and you can end the match by winning all the three crowns first.

The eleven Arenas are Goblin stadium, Bone pit, Barbarian Bowl, P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse, Spell Valley, Royal Arena, Builder’s Workshop, Frozen Peak, Jungle stage, Hog mountain and Legendary arena. You can patch up with your friends to form a clan. Also, you can fight with other tribes and level up your clan. You can use gems as currency in the game to buy different-different things.

The game has a drawback of time lap in generating treasury box. If you are looking for help regarding Clash Royale, then you are at right place. We, at CrunchyTricks, are always here to assist you in every Tech topics so here are 5 Clash Royale hack to help you win the battle with ease:

1. Elixir Meter Level and Shielding

The Elixir meter level will tell you the amount of Elixir generated. Please wait until the meter is full and then start playing the cards because at that time you will be able to send more troops at the same time. Don’t forget to shield your troops so that they can get you all the three crowns before the opponent’s troops.

Using Spells are one of the good options to shield the troops. You can also shield them by sending troops between bomber and giant. Also, use more efficient air attacks like fire ball attacks on towers and less efficient air attacks like air arrows attacks on troops.

2. Be in Attacking position

Although defence is much-needed, if you want to win faster then it is necessary that you are in attacking position. As your towers can fight/defend against many troops like goblins etc. and spells. As fast as possible make your troops and spells level up and unlock troops and spells like knights, giants, zap, etc. to the highest level possible.

3. Card Selection

Selecting your card is one of the major steps you need to see first. You need to set your deck up for a successful fight. Make a set of troops and spells that you think will be strong enough to attack fast and can easily get you the crowns. Know your troops, spells and playing skills, and on that basis, you will need to make that army on the deck. One example can be, prepare your deck with High powered troops like giants, knights, etc., and then Splash damage units & spells and to finish off the battle go for long-distance weapons.

4. Check the Clock

The matches are 3 minutes long, and the elixir generation is doubled in the last 60 seconds. So save the Final attacks for the Last 60 seconds and try to attack sensually in this last seconds of the match as it can make you win the battle for sure. Make sure that the weak towers of the opponent go down first and King’s tower of the opponent must be down before yours.

5. Taunt the Hunter

If you are down with one tower and want that the opponent makes a mistake, then a much-needed task is to hunt down the focus of the opponent. You can taunt them with as many good taunts as you can. The taunt messages and emojis are in the chat bubble at the bottom of the screen. Just use them regularly and as many as possible and it will hunt down the focus of the hunter.

The above-discussed Tactics have been tested and then recommended to you. You may also find other services attractive, so if you have any other recommendation regarding any Tech information/questions, please do share.

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