How to Download Mini Militia apk for PC

How to Download Mini Militia apk for PC Download Mini Militia apk for PC Want to play the Mini Militia android game on your PC? If you do then you are looking at the right place, this tutorial will help you run Mini Militia android game on your PC without having to do any medications in the hardware, just follow the instructions and you will be good to go and the Mini Militia will be running on your computer smoothly in a moment.

How to Download Mini Militia apk for PC

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Mini Militia is one of the most successful android online games right now. You may recognize the famous game from last year, doodle army. Mini Militia Mod Apk is the successor to that game only, also known as the Doodle Army 2. The reason behind the giant success of this game is the fun features that you can make use of while playing the game on your android device or any other devices that you are using it on. The list of the features is long, for example the personal Wi-Fi hotspot for multiplayers and practice game with serge.

How to Download Mini Militia apk for PC

How to Download Mini Militia apk for PC

Most of similar games that you can find on the google play store make you turn on the data connection when you are playing the game and it charges you some data and that isn’t good at all. The good thing about Mini Militia is you can just turn off the data connection and play multiplayer with your friends without any internet connection! Just make a personal Wi-Fi hotspot and ask your friends to join and you can play multiplayer using 2 or more devices.

Developed initially for only android devices, Mini Militia can now be used on iPhone, iPad as well. You can also have Mini Militia For PC and run the game on the big screen to have the full experience of the game as it has been made available due to its giant success and popularity. If you and your friends are using different operating systems to run the game, it is no problem as long as both of the devices have Wi-Fi facility.

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Mini Militia is so much fun because the developers took all the good suggestions that they received in the reviews of the previous version of this game and put all those things to work and made a whole new game, just from the good suggestions of the people and that is why the doodle army 2 is so much more fun to play.

If you think the free version that is provided for downloads is not all that fun, I recommend you to purchase the full version of the game and see the premiums experience looks like. You will get many new features with the game that you purchase like unlimited ammo and new powers, etc.

Mini Militia Features

Check out the cool new addition to the features of Mini Militia that you can avail on your PC, read carefully, you might find a good tip inside.

  • Add up to 6 players online or 12 using local Wi-Fi and play multiplayer without internet connection.
  • Train offline with Serge to sharpen your skills in offline Training, Co-op and Survival modes and become a better fighter without losing any points in gaining experience.
  • Get more weapon choices from sniper, shotgun and flamethrower and many more.
  • You are getting open world maps utilizing rocket boots for extended vertical flight in mini Militia which were not available in doodle army.

The second version of the game doodle army is based on the two most popular android arcade action games Soldat and Halo featuring the best of both and that is the feature that doubles the fun while playing the Mini Militia on PC.

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Download Mini Militia apk for PC

Play doodle army on the big screen of your computer, read the points given below to know the whole process of how you can run mini militia on PC. You can play that game by using leapdroid android emulator too and you can download leapdroid emulator from here

  • First of all install an android emulator on your PC, I recommend installing the Bluestacks app player because it has the simplest interface and you will get used to it in no time.
  • Now visit the mini militia website and download android apk.
  • Now locate the downloaded apk file on your PC using the android app player and run it with the app player.
  • The mini Militia app will start installing automatically on your computer and you can access the game after the installation process is completed.
  • Now open the game and play, you can also sign in the game to unlock achievements or share scores with your friends or play multiplayer.

Thank you for reading our tutorial on how to download Mini Militia apk for PC, if you face any trouble using the game on your PC, feel free to let us know using the comment section below, we will be happy to help you.

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