Facebook Adding End-to-End Encryption to Messenger via “Secret Conversations”

Earlier few days ago whatsapp has introduced us with End-to-End Encryption in which messages sent to other person are encrypted completely with end to end encryption which make your chat secure and not one can access to your personal messages except sender & receiver. This feature was launched by whatsapp officially for their all users.
End-to-end encryption on WhatsApp applies to everything or every feature that is available on WhatsApp. Whether it’s calls, messages, photos, videos, files, and even voice messages, all of them will be encrypted. So technically nobody apart from you or your friend will be able to understand them. In transit from one device to another the data will only appear to be garbled text without the keys to put that text together, which resides on devices being used to communicate. Moreover, there are separate keys for each conversation or chat so WhatsApp has provided something really secure indeed.

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Facebook Adding End-to-End Encryption to Messenger via "Secret Conversations"

Now Facebook has also introduced their users to End-to-End encryption in which messages sent & received are more secure than before. Yet this feature is not rolled out officially for all users. Still this feature is under beta mode and facebook is testing it on Facebook Messenger app via Secret Conversations. The feature will allow users to control the length of time for which a message will remain visible to both sender & receiver. Such messages can be read only in one device & if you are using Messenger app in multiple devices then you will not be able to read those messages in all devices which makes conversations more secure & private. Facebook also claims that Secret Conversations currently do not support rich content such as GIFs, videos or financial transactions. This end-to-end encryption feature will come under “Secret Conversations” via Messenger app.

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Secret Conversations is still under beta mode and it is being tested by facebook for limited number of users. Rumors says that this feature will be rolled out soon for all the facebook users by end of the September month. The developer also created a messaging app called Signal, and the source code for the app is published on GitHub. This allows security experts to scrutinise the code and know exactly what the app does with a user’s text and calls. So guy’s we would have to wait few more to get access of this feature.

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