Guide on How to Create a Great Video Tutorial

Video has become the main medium for people to share tutorials on virtually every subject. You can now self publish yourself as a professional instructor teaching on the subjects you are good at on YouTube. Even though you know the subject well, yet the question is popping up on your head on how to go about creating a successful video tutorial that people want to watch.Guide on How to Create a Great Video Tutorial

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Have the Right Tools to Record Your Video

Firstly, you must make sure you have the right tools to work with. For example, if you are recording a screencast tutorial, you will need to get a screen recorder software. A screen recorder software removes the limitations you experience when you are using a free online screen recorder. In addition, you need to invest in a microphone and video editing software. To save money, you can look for a screen recorder with the built-in editing tool. Get more details at

Determine if the Topic is Suitable for a Video Tutorial

Next, you must ask yourself if the topic is suitable for making a video tutorial. The video tutorial is ideal for how-to topics that require on-screen demonstrations such as crafts, gameplay, and how to create a professional artwork with an image editing software. Viewers can understand what the video is about by watching the actions in the video. You will have to ask yourself if the topic is more suitable for making into a text tutorial.

Create an Interesting Video Headline

Give your video a unique and interesting title that will entice people into watching it. The title can start with How to since you are offering a tutorial. The headline must be crafted using proper sentence structure and not use any jargon that is hard for people to understand. The title must reflect what the video is about.

Add a Great Text Description to the Video

You should also add a great description to your video. The description will enable to search engine bot to rank your video in the search result. Having a video description is important because not everyone will straightway play the video. Some people will first check the description and see if it describes any content they would like to watch in the video.

Keep Video Clip-Short

Even though you are making a video tutorial, you should avoid explaining the steps too detailed. Your viewers will start to feel boring if you take a long time to explain a step. Instead, keep the video tutorial short under 5 minutes. The longest length of a clip is 10-20 minutes. Anything longer should be divided into parts and compiled into a playlist. When you just build your channel, the people who view your video may not be loyal followers and they are more likely to only spend a short while watching your video. You can gradually increase your video length as you build a loyal following of audience.

Don’t Use Complex Sentence in the Video Tutorial

When speaking in the video tutorial, make sure you use short sentence and speak slowly and clearly. If you speak fast in a complex sentence, people will find it hard to understand you. There is no need to talk a lot since you are already demonstrating the steps in the video. Some people find it easier for them to follow up a video if there are subtitles for them to read so you may want to consider including subtitles in the video.

Don’t Incorporate Too Many Ads in Your Video

Finally, you should not display too many ads on your video tutorials. Viewers can be turned off if they see too many ads. The best practice is to just advertise about your company in the intro or end of the video. It is not advisable to put a lot of ad content in the video when you haven’t yet established an audience.

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