Why you should consider hosting your wedding in a safari

Your wedding day is important and many consider it to be the best day of their life. It is the day that one gets to tie the knot with their soulmate. As such, it should be a happy, fun and memorable day. One way to make it memorable is to choose a fun and memorable destination. That’s why you should seriously consider a safari wedding. There is something about safaris that can make your wedding epic and a perfect fit for your guests of all ages. In case you have a wedding coming up, here are some reasons why you should consider hosting it in a safari.

  1. Safari views are breathtaking

Most Safari lodges are set up in the most beautiful natural scenery in Africa. For instance, Angama Mara, one of the most prestigious lodges in Africa is set right in the globally renowned Maasai Mara game reserve. Hosting a wedding at such a location would give you an amazing view of the beautiful African plains, with wild animals wandering around in their natural habitats. It is a view to behold, and one that will give you lifelong memories about your wedding day. 

  1. Access to lots of amazing fun activities 

Unlike most conventional wedding destinations, a safari wedding gives you access to fun activities that you may not access on an everyday basis. For instance, while holding your wedding at a safari lodge, you have access to a hot air balloon rides while watching wild animals roam below you. That’s not something that you can access at a city wedding. You can also choose to go for a ride in the wilderness and get close up photos and videos of animals that you would otherwise only see on television. On top of that, you get to be entertained by people of indigenous cultures. Picture yourself being entertained by Maasai warriors on your wedding day. These are activities that will always remind you and your partner of your wedding day for a lifetime. 

  1. World-class accommodation

On your wedding day, you would want to spend quality evening time with your evening, right? Well, nothing beats a safari lodge on this front. Most world-class safari lodges such as Angama Mara offer some of the best-tented accommodation in the world. You can even choose an outdoor setup where you enjoy the night with your spouse as you watch the stars. That’s the kind of wedding night that will make memories for a lifetime. 

  1. Exotic cuisine in a beautiful environment 

You can get exotic cuisine anywhere in the world. What matters is the ambiance in which, you are enjoying it. Safari lodges happen to have some of the best environments to enjoy exotic cuisine at your wedding. Picture yourself enjoying some of the most exotic foods in the world, while watching lions or other big cats walk-by, interesting right? Well, that’s what safari lodges offer. It is the kind of thing that will make your wedding experience an event to remember. It is easy to forget having a meal in a 5-star hotel in the city, but you will never forget having dinner with the love of your life, while watching lions hunt. 


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