How Are Leading Retailers Creating In-Stores Shopping Experiences Online?

Nowadays, online shopping is rapid and convenient for everyone. You can have a wide selection of goods without going anywhere.

If you are a retailer, then e-commerce is one of the best opportunities for you to increase your sales. What we see today is only the beginning. Soon it will be hard even to define e-commerce, let alone measure it. What if the customer is shopping in one store, uses his smartphone to find a lower price at another, and then orders it electronically? As digital information already influences about 50% of store sales, and that number is growing rapidly

Following are some strategies retailers could implement to create an in-store shopping experience online.

Eye-Catching Design

Always try to make your design easy as well as eye-catching because challenging and radical design will not be understood by people. Always try to use a neutral or white background to highlight the product. This is the essential thing because the design is something that is seen by everyone and located at the top of each page. Buttons are the most highlighted area so that the user can easily click on it and go website. Online retailers also use intrusive elements like pop-ups and personalization touches to satisfy the customer.

Use 3D Viewer

Many retailers nowadays are using 3D viewer technology and augmented reality to provide their customers with the best possible shopping experience. Since customers don’t have the ability to touch, feel, smell, and see results before making a decision, 3D viewers can provide customer with a real-life experience of the product before even purchasing it online.

Sell Product On Public As Well As Personal Level

When your online brand makes its name in public, then regular customers start purchasing things from you. Always try to add more videos, images, reviews and suggestions to increase the chance of purchase, making tutorials etc. Make your product relevant and low in price with a good quality photo visible to the targeted customers.

Do SEO to rank your page on top of Google. For instance, if anyone searches for brand clothes, your page comes on first.

Ensure your online store is mobile friendly

As today mobile is the basic need for every individual. So, if you aren’t building ecommerce businesses with mobile in mind, you may be irrelevant in three to five years. Just because a mobile phone makes, the process of buying online is more manageable. You can sell stuff online with the mobile phone more easily as a person using a mobile phone, and an ad pops up, he makes his mind and checks his budget and use his phone to buy the product and The item will be shipped to him home overnight.

Provide user with clear and simple customer journey

If your online brand sells a lot of products, then try to make it easy for customers to buy them. Online shopping must have three clear phases:

  • Product search/catalogue
  • Add that product to your shopping cart or wish-list
  • Check out

For these three steps, buttons should be visible for the customers to make online shopping easy and fast. Try not to ask irrelevant information. Present necessary information like shipping cost, delivery time and the return option on every product page.

Stay on top of SEO

Put the focus on the user. Stay on top of SEO to stand out from the competition is more critical in the e-commerce business than ever, as the ecommerce economy experiences rapid growth, and more and more businesses are entering this increasingly crowded space.

Continue evolving

Technology, trends, and customer tastes will change, and so must you if you want to succeed in such a variable market. So, never stop evolving, and you will be well on your way to becoming a successful ecommerce-based entrepreneur.

Add More Photos To Your Site More Attractive

Shopping has always been a visual experience for everyone because we like bright colors and photos in each site. According to one research, 75% online shopkeepers must add at least 5 to 6 pictures on one product to satisfy customers and help them to choose between products. Try to use HD quality pictures with high resolution or photorealistic renders.

Be active on social media to sell more

Social commerce is the practice of selling through social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. So, you need to groom a culture through forums, communities, groups, etc., Sell exclusive products through social commerce and Keep social commerce as an extension of your actual online store

Request Reviews

It’s terrifying and risky if the customer gives a bad review on your product because it will cast a bad shadow over the good ones and spread the lousy image regarding your brand. It’s vital that if a customer likes your product, then he/she will give a useful review about it.

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