How Technology Is Ruling Us By Ruining Us

How Technology Is Ruling Us By Ruining Us : People will never obey to work under someone and gone are those days when there will be an official ruler and everyone has to follow their commands. Nowadays it’s like they will follow only if they like your decision else you are free to do anything. You may think it’s freedom but actually it’s destroying our generations. How Technology Is Ruling Us By Ruining Us

Now coming to the present generation, people are filled with pride, ego and will never obey others but, unknowingly they are obeying to technology and getting addicted to it.

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How Technology Is Ruling Us By Ruining Us

There are many disadvantages of using technology over time because it affects not only your health but also your character. Are you feeling confused then here are some of the best scenarios where technology destroyed the people’s mind.

Ways In Which Technology Is Destroying Our Lives:-

I personally feel that getting addicted to drugs is much better than addicted to technology. Drugs can at least give you some pleasure, but technology changes you drastically and kills you faster than you ever imagined. Sounds funny for you? But it’s the bitter truth everyone has to admit.

Smartphone’s Turned To Be Our Life

If we take a peek at the people’s life of present generation. It starts with a bed coffee and a Smartphone in hand. You might think that cell phone is helping you and cutting out the newspaper expenses but, these are causing much more harm than losing money. The screen brightness and radiations will make your mind inactive for the day and will make you more lazier for the complete day. I am talking about the people who will use their mobile phones for the excessive time. I agree that cell phones bought a massive revolution to communication system but nowadays it’s life for many people. Have you read the news that “A girl committed suicide as she lost her mobile phone” and many people are doing these foolish acts. This is just an example and do remember that cell phones are made to communicate and use them for that purpose only. I also use my mobile a lot and it’s not a good practice so, we have to work on it and use it only for communication and fun purposes for the limited time. In addition to this, a mobile phone can do anything in the present world from booking a burger to blasting a city. So, my suggestion is don’t get more attached to your phones and attach with your family. We are literally tied to them with a charger.

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Gadgets Are Making Us Inactive

Technology is making us more lazier. Previously, our grandparents used to go out in the morning for a walk and we have made a thread mill which will make us walk in our bedroom only. They walked in the fresh air and we are doing it in air conditioned room. Even our sweat won’t go out of our body but, we are exercising a lot. The main concept behind the morning walk is for fresh air and early morning sunlight. Our skins must be exposed to sunlight in the morning to get few essential vitamins and proteins from the sun but, we are lacking in it and facing health issues very often.

Drastic Change In Lifestyle

Our grandparents lived for 80-90 years and our fathers will live for 70-80 years and our average life span is 60-65 years and our children’s will be 50 and it continues to 30 or 40 for your grand children’s. No one is spoiling us and it’s only us who are destroying our generations. There were trees, hills, animals and human beings but now there are roads, flats, villas, malls, and stores. In olden days, people used to fetch water from river but now they are paying for impure water. Bad Has already happened and don’t take it to worse. It’s our duty to stop it here itself because nature won’t be back when we needed it badly. How Technology Is Ruling Us By Ruining Us

Conclusion :-

I am not asking or requesting you to stop using technology. Don’t get over addicted to that because one day you will need people and not your smartphone. Please stop using your mobile phone more and speak out to your family. People nowadays doesn’t know who are all their relatives and how to address them properly. I am not asking you to do something for nature but, don’t do harm for nature. That’s enough and have a good day.

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I am not an environmental science student to explain it more but I just want to explain how technology is destroying us. Here are few details explained as per my knowledge and have fun with nature.

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