How to Become a Technical Writer without a Degree

Would you like to become a technical writer? Great. This article will help you learn more about this profession.

Is it possible to become a technical writer without a degree? To put it shortly, yes. It’s possible. However, it’s not for everyone. It demands a lot of particular skills.

And if you have no degree, you’ll need to cover AT LEAST the online course on technical writing. Otherwise, you’d better opt-in for a career as a writer in another field, for example, a professional essay writer.

But how do you become a technical writer, apart from having these minimum requirements? What do you need to know to undertake and carry out this profession?

In this small guide, you’ll find some helpful tips on how to become a technical writer.

What Qualities and Skills Should You Possess?

First of all, a technical writer should be a precise person, oriented towards attention to detail, who loves to explain even very complex things in simple words.

Let’s take a closer look at what a technical writer does.

Technical writers have the task of translating technical information into a clear and simple English language.

Their work can also be very diversified depending on the task.

As a technical writer, you need to know how to write official documents of different types: professional manuals, information cards, guides, guides that can be downloaded online or reports.

In carrying out the work, the technical writer is required to use suitable, formal and impersonal language, scientific clarity in the presentation, and excellent knowledge of the structures of the English language.

You must possess specific knowledge not only in the field of writing but also you should be good at illustration, photography, and mapping out a layout.

What Else You Should Know?

The technical writer can generally also work in a team, in close contact with other professionals, such as engineers, doctors, and scientists, who need to write information for a specific product or project.

The person who carries out this work does not necessarily have to be an expert and competent person in a specific subject but must have basic technical-scientific education.

In order to carry out this work, ideally, you should have an engineering degree or a degree in Communication Sciences or in Psychology.

You can acquire further skills through experience.

What’s the Process of Technical Writing?

There are 3 main stages:

  • A technical writer should first collect information on the topic, plan and organize the content that should be created and, after establishing a plan, develop the best method to achieve the goals.
  • The second stage is actually technical writing.
  • The last stage is fact-checking, editing, and proofreading.

Personal Brand and How to Start

However, to be successful, you need to develop your personal brand. Why? You could be a great writer. Maybe even your closest friends might know about this.

But what about the rest of the world? Your potential clients don’t know about you and your services. So how can they hire you? In such a scenario, you may start with freelance websites while you’ll be developing your personal brand.

These websites offer you a platform to showcase your merits and get sales for the content you make.

Examples of one of the best freelance websites: Workana, UpWork,, and many others. You can simply do a search from Google and you will find dozens of similar websites.

What Do You Need to Be Successful?

One and the most important thing you need for success in the freelancer sector is impeccable language and a large vocabulary. You’ll master this after reading many blog posts and books. But don’t read any ordinary web publications. You should strive to find the best sources to follow like Mashable, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Wired, etc. Those who can enrich your mind, give you thoughts and give you new words and ideas.

Look for authentic sources to read and follow that really help you improve your technical writing.

Secondly, you should be able to create quality content. Writing anything would not make you successful. Quality is the only thing that will help you stand out from the competition.

Of course, you should understand what you are writing about and do thorough research on the topic. Find out important information about the technology you are about to write:

  • Its advantages and disadvantages
  • Main problems and glitches
  • How people can use it to their advantage
  • Any problem with particular groups of people: such as children, adults, the elderly, etc.
  • Any future improvements
  • The general statistics of the service provider and the service itself

In all the articles on technologies that affect the market, these points are very important.

To search, you can use tools like Google. Do thorough research of all the terms associated with the technology and find out all that is available related to it.

Once you have enough information, you should read it.

Reading will generate more ideas and strengthen your points. Start your writing only after you’re done with research and reading all the sources that you’ve found.

How to Find Topics

You can discover the topic of writing by various means. The best way is to watch current technology news from Fox News, CNN, New York Times, Reuters, BBC World, etc.

These news channels and their websites provide you with the latest technology updates.

What you need to do is read an interesting post and find out the appropriate keywords.

Then do thorough research on these keywords in Google and other search engines.

This way, you can get a variety of search pages to focus your writing on. And these content-rich articles are what people want and what hit high in search results.

Good luck in your technical writing career!

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