How To Get a Passport Renewed Without Too Much Trouble?

There are many ways that a passport user can renew their passport with the most common method being, the passport renewal website. Passports have standard validities depending on the person applying and their age at the time they apply for their passports. The general passport initially starts with a ten-year validity. For the first couple of times, they are also renewed for the same duration. As the individual begins getting older, the duration of the passport validity starts decreasing and they begin getting renewed in a shorter time, like 5 years.

There are multiple ways of renewing passports and for the longest time, the most common was through the passport office.

Passport renewal now made easy through the passport website.

With the new passport website, renewing your passport makes it a lot easier since it has all the information that a person could need to get this done. It does make downloading the documents a lot easier and allows people to send all their information through the portal which saves them the time of heading to the office.

Heading to the office would need to schedule an appointment. Additionally, you would have to clear time from work to make the appointment and get the needed documentation. This can sometimes be a tedious process and require more than one appointment.

What are the documents needed for a passport renewal?

Since the passport has already been created, applicants would not have to create a new one. They would only have to submit the same passport and the changes would be made there.

However, they would have to hand over documentation to prove their address and that they live in the same state and accordingly make a change on their passport. People would be given a date when they could come to the office to collect their new passport

Other documents needed for the sake of identification would be another document that can provide their identities like a drivers licence or Aadhaar card. Their passport would be

cross-checked to make sure none of the information mentioned has to be updated. The passport renewal process has its own set of forms that have to be filled out. These would have to be handed in, making sure all the information on the forms is accurate and matches the information that was added to the passport, ten years earlier.

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