How to Use in Android Mobile (Exclusive)

How to Use in Android Mobile (Exclusive) is a Remote Desktop with a browser wherein you will have full control over it. You can do almost everything with it, and one amazing thing about this website is that you can surf the internet at a faster speed.You can also enjoy watching your favorite videos on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. instantly without any buffering. Increase Your Internet Speed upto 100 mbps in Android Device

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How to Use in Android Mobile (Exclusive)

Features of offers lots of options in order that people that area unit trying to acquire high-speed net willuse this web site and luxuriate in surfing the web at a quicker speed. check out the options of You may also like 2k18 locker codes

  • You can have an interactive chat session with your friends and beloved ones both text and video chat.
  • You can communicate with everyone worldwide and share content.
  • Using, you can enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and other YouTube videos together.
  • It is absolutely flawless and FREE to use.
  • You can acquire high-speed internet.
  • It also provides a feature called as “Rabbitcast” in which you can browse any website and play videos quickly.
  • You can even download huge files which can be downloaded at a faster speed. But, you can’t download them on your PC’s physical drive. You can just upload it to Cloud sources like Google Drive or Dropbox and download it later.

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Requirements to Use in Android Mobile

    • You need a Mobile device
    • Download Mozilla Firefox for android
    • You need to have a stable connection with a minimum speed of 500 kbps to stream the Rabbitcast live desktop.
    • Create a new account or Login

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How to Use in Android Mobile

Check out the simple steps below in order to browse your internet at an extremely high-speed.

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  • Run Mozzila Firefox
  • Enter ( Replace Techcrack with your username )
  • Checkin Request Destkop Site and Rotate mobile screen into Landscape mode.
  • Now, Login your Account You can also log in using Facebook account if you are too slothful to fill up details! 😛
  • Once you login, you will get a screen where you will be asked, “How do you want to Rabbit?.you need to click on “Decide what to watch”.
  • Then enter Url in popup Box
  • you’ll check out the wonderful options of like video chatting and conference. it’s just about easy to use.

Note –  if u want to search then directly enter url or keywords in popup.


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