KickAss Torrents is Back Again With New Domain

KickAss Torrents is Back Again With New Domain : As we all know that a few months ago KickAss Torrent Was Shut Down. It was a very shocking news for torrent lovers as KickAss torrent had all type of torrents which were being searched by almost many people’s. Also kickass torrent had good amount of Seeds & Leechs that’s why KickAss torrent was being loved and used most among all other torrents. After the shutdown of torrent, torrent lover’s had to face a lot’s of issues while downloading torrents. As there was no such good torrent alternate available on internet.

KickAss Torrents is Back Again With New Domain

KickAss Torrents is Back Again With New Domain

After kickass shut down there were few fake torrent’s who were pretending them as kickass but all of them are fake as kickass was shutdown officially. It also helped other less known torrents to grow in industry. But none of these torrent sites could satisfy the needs of torrent lovers. As there were many drawbacks in these torrents such as less seeds & leechs having less content. That’s why these torrents couldn’t grow like Kickass.

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But here is a good news for torrent lover’s as KickAss torrent has come back again officially with their new domain The website have the same look as kickass had earlier before shutdown. In a statement one of the kickass team member said that “This shows the loyalty, dedication and real love for KAT that we all share”. “We have all our major uploaders on board and they continued to share tirelessly even before the torrent engines returned. The torrent community can continue to expect to see uploads from all the names they know and trust”

So, now finally website is back again with a clean user database. Also there are some renowned uploaders back on server. However we can expect that site will be filled with fresh content as soon as possible. Also due to heavy traffic is not loading properly and taking so long to load the complete webpage. Share your views in comment box if you think that kickass will be able to gain fame again as earlier they had.

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