Lenovo Shows Off Bendable Phones and Tablets

Lenovo Shows Off Bendable Phones and Tablets As we know, Samsung showed off its bendable prototype more than 3 years past, and it’s obscurity planning to launch before 2017. Samsung the Korean-based company had already launched many devices with the curved show however not bending show which has Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge plus.

The YouTuber Meghan McCarthy gave an on-screen demo of Lenovo’s bendable devices throughout the technical school world conference. within the video, she shows ushow the new smartphone may be effortlessly wrapped around the wrist.

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Lenovo Shows Off Bendable Phones and Tablets

Lenovo Shows Off Bendable Phones and Tablets


Lenovo’s CTO, Peter Hortensius said that this flexible smartphone would be offered in 2 sizes, massiveand little. CPlus are sharing 4.26inch flexible screen which will be run on androidsoftware packageand can be offeredin severalcolours.

Lenovo’s chairman and CEOyang Yuanquing said: “such devices reflect the company’s new mission supported by a number of recent major acquisitions to focus on customer-centricity and connectivitybecause theweb of Things continues growing.”

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CEO of Lenovo also said- “Over the past 2 years Lenovo has been reworking, creating major acquisitions in mobile and infrastructure to expand beyond our core pc business,”

According to the sources, this phone can have all the itemsneed to be a premium phone. However, we willsolelyassume that the phone arecostly. however the conceptionis basically cool. it’s still within the development stage, howeverit’sa kind of things that we would foresee in the future.

Lenovo Shows Off Bendable Phones and Tablets

The CPlus is even more flexible. Its multiple hinges allow it to curl up on itself through almost 360 degrees, creating a bracelet you can wear on your wrist. As you do, the screen’s app layout transitions into three sections. The top (where the clock face would be on a wrist watch) shows time, weather, and notifications, the middle section has media player controls, and the bottom displays what appeared to be an app launcher.

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