Make Your Work Easier with JavaScript Data Grid from Handsontable

Make Your Work Easier with JavaScript Data Grid from Handsontable

Many custom apps require a tool for loading large data sets, their visualization and manipulation. While it is possible to build a solution from scratch, in the majority of cases, deploying a data grid is more cost-effective. The Handsontable JavaScript spreadsheet-like data greed is one of such APIs and it was specifically designed for efficient performance with the possibility of expanding its functionality with a calculation engine.

When Do You Need Handsontable JavaScript Spreadsheet?

If your application requires features for streaming, aggregating and presenting data from multiple sources with the options for selecting, sorting and filtering, it is time to think about adding the Handsontable data grid to your project. It does not matter whether your app is a KPI dashboard demonstrating business performance or an inventory management system covering various commercial operations including sales and tracking the condition of your warehouse. These are all perfect cases for Handsontable.

Furthermore, the Handsontable JavaScript spreadsheet can also be used wherever the functionality for calculation is expected as it is compatible with the Handsontable HyperFormula engine.

Note that the data grid by Handsontable is compatible with applications written in React, Angular, Vue, Vue3 as well as pure JavaScript.

Essential Features of Handsontable JavaScript Spreadsheet

The Handsontable data grid will allow you to work with different export file formats including CSV and categorize your data with a number of cell types. Even if you would not be able to find a desired cell type on the extensive list including time, numeric, date, autocomplete, select, dropdown, password and checkbox, you can create your own custom cell format.

There are many other features of Handsontable JavaScript spreadsheet that can be customized, for example, column and row headers as well as menus. Developers can create entire custom plugins to enhance the API even more and adjust it to the specificity of their applications.

Besides such manipulations as moving, hiding and freezing rows and columns as well as column sorting, filtering and grouping, there are also editors and validators for cells and virtualization for columns and rows.

Adding Functionality for Calculations

HyperFormula will allow you to perform numerous mathematical calculations on the data presented on your Handsontable JavaScript spreadsheet. This high-performing tool is specifically good for working with extensive data sets while applying formulas available in the HyperFormula library or creating custom operations.

With this solution, you will be able to change your data grid into a real smart document supporting multiple worksheets, absolute and relative cell dependencies as well as named ranges. At the same time, you will not have to worry about any disruptions in the performance of your CSS code since HyperFormula does not interfere with the functionality of user interfaces.

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