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Music! Music is one of the ways to express your emotions, thoughts, and message giving act. It is also one of the ways to have fun like mimicry singing, karaoke singing, and much more fun can be done with music. Musically is an application which is made for fun social media platform for people aged above 13 years.

It’s free for iOS and Android Users; it is provided features of recording video and addition of music to the video tape that you have taped for the situation. And lot more like situational video and a perfect song for the situational video. It has also has synchronized lip movement for the song selected and time passing videotaping for a lot of teenagers. And has grabbed the attention of teens and gained a score of 70 million teens.


Musically: Your Social Networking Video Recording App.

Annexation Of Music:

Sign in, and this would lead to the main home screen, then select the + symbol to add music. Tap pick music and the Musically online library would open with options placed in a sequence. Choose the category you like or decide to capture a video on. Or by typing the specific song that you would like to make a video tape. Allow the application to access your microphone and camera to shoot and record.

Another option is provided to the user as to select the songs from their device and not every song could be selected because songs would be licensed and unlicensed songs will not be encouraged by the app. Since it is designed like that to scan and check the license part of the song!

A crop option in an image would allow you to eliminate the annoying part of the picture. Similarly, a cut option is provided for the user to remove the undesired part of the song. This will make it perfectly fit for the situation and relevant as long as concerned to the topic and you.

You can select the section and click the yellow check mark to finalize the song sequence required. The application allows you only to record for about 15 seconds, so you’ll not be able to play the full song. The video speed can be changed as the app is featured for this. And the music speed cannot be altered as the application is not featured.

Annexation Of Musically Video:

Video recording option is provided with a selection panel for the adjustment f the video speed the user wishes to use.  Depending on the quickness of the video you have selected the video would be recorded and displayed similarly. The video would be registered at a reasonable speed. But would display according to the option chosen by the selection panel by the user. After selection of the gear, now you can record the video by clicking the record button by continuous holding as long as you wish to register.

The video recording can be paused by lifting and could be resumed by re-holding the record button on the screen. As the user would like to record the video according to the song the above option works well for such takes and retakes of the video. You can select or delete the video segments by clicking the green check mark. Use red-cross mark for deleting particular part in the video.

The camera can be flipped, or both the cameras can be used for the recording purpose by using the toggle back button on to the right of the screen options while recording, which ever you feel good to record the video for the song.

Another possibility is also provided for the recording purpose that is the timer recording option which you can set previously. This will take video clips for the required time and make funny, emotional, and dramatic and much more fun filled video and share on a social platform.

Usually, it is preferred to shoot video first and then select the song. After creating the video and saving the video select it from the library option and add the music you wish to add for the video segment.

Editing And Sharing!

The video pre-recorded using the app and saved with a song can be re-edited. And the video can be changed with the song if the user wishes to change. Select the album sign on the top right and choose a different song as you want. It is always an option to reshoot or discard the video you have recorded by clicking the arrow on the top left which would take you to the recording camera user face. You can always get free musically followers from any online musically followers tool to increase your followers.

Then the equalizer option in the right corner would allow you to add the effects in the song. A colour filter option is also provided to add a suitable colour and adjusting the image to a current trend or the thoughtful way, according to the user. Adding a tagline to the video or a hash tag and share.

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