Outsourcing Backend Services. Possible Scenarios for Tech Managers

Outsourcing backend services. Possible scenarios for tech managers

What reasons do managers have to decide on backend services outsourcing? You can probably guess some of them: time savings, cost cuts, lack of experienced backend developers inside the company with no access or possibility to hire them, no knowledge on brand new technologies and so on. Check out some legit, real-life reasons for companies outsourcing backend services.

Your app is a massive hit but now you need to expand and maintain it

You get more and more users, the app is booming which technically is a good thing but now you can feel the investors breath behind your back – expand! Develop further! Maybe some brand new features?

Backend developers make sure that the whole server-side of your application works flawlessly. But the application needs to be updated constantly, hence why the work seems almost never-ending. It’s especially true to super successful start-ups that at this point are too small to hire new staff in-house but are getting too big to be able to maintain apps stability and add new features regularly with the current developers on board.

Outsourcing backend development will allow you to “create” a team of specialists with skills your in-house staff lacks. What’s more, you can scale up and down, depending on how many hands your project needs at a given time. This way, you don’t need to hire extra people, and everything will be done on time. Win-win.

You have a great idea for a new app that fills the hole in the market but what now?

Sold a big project, seal a massive deal, opened the champagne. But when the confetti falls, you realize that now you need to deliver this next big thing in the given deadline.

You’re not sure how many developers you’re gonna need and for how long. Recruiting them can take up a lot of time, and if you live in a country with developers shortage, it can give you the reason to be a bit nervous.

Don’t stress though – if you need to achieve the impossible, talk to people who do that on regular basis and know the drill.  Reliable outsourcing company offering backend services will have everything in order – beginning with appropriate processes for development, communication, deadlines, etc. All you need to do is to set a budget and you’re ready to go.

You only need experienced backend developers to support your team and but need them now

Sometimes it so happens that you need particular developers with a particular set of skills. No matter if you’re improving your app by adding new features, updating the legacy code or looking for maintenance crew for day-to-day check-ups.

When outsourcing backend services, you don’t need to think about recruiting anyone permanently and what happens if you no longer need them (and worse – if you need them again later?). It’s much better to invest some time for recruiting not a person but a whole company and their people.

They will provide you with multiple developers when needed, scale down resources, and enlarge the team if needed again.

We hope that these three scenarios gave you some arguments on why outsourcing backend services isn’t scary – not for big corporations, nor small start-ups with great ideas. If done right, not only the backend side of your app but also the business will surely benefit from it.

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