Precaution is surely better than cure especially where Gas connection is concerned.

Gas connections are utmost important in every household and is a basic need but since it is not as easy to handle such a risky commodity, one must know certain do’s and don’ts that will help you in situations which could turn dangerous with half knowledge. New gas connection is not easy to handle and one must take extra care while buying any connection from any service provider.

Below stated are few situations and things to do if such situation persists. These must always be kept in mind and the first and foremost requirement is to not panic in such a situation. Some common ones include- Getting your connection from authentic & registered service providers who give you regular service facility. Understand all the precaution tips right during the demonstration. Ask them questions and get all the needful tips and first hand information.

Common safety tips everyone must keep in mind-

1. Make sure your Gas connection is BIS approved.
2. Put Suraksha rubber tubes that have been authorized by authentic distributors.
3. Get a demonstration done during gas connection from them that includes safety tips too which will ensure that you are being informed.
4. Always keep a habit of checking upon the connection often and getting it serviced timely from the agencies.
5. DO NOT REPAIR IT ON YOUR OWN. Maximum risk factors.
6. Switch the gas connections/regulators off everytime you sleep at night.
7. Keep inflammable items very far away from Gas connections area.

If the Gas Leaks-

1. One should immediately call anyone from the agency or their distributor who setup the new gas connection for help.
2. Quickly open all the doors and windows to let the air come in when you notice the leakage. to avoid any kind of blast it is important for good ventilation action.
3. Make sure you do not use any electrical appliances or gadgets in that moment.
4. Try to quickly isolate the main electric supply so that you are at lesser risk.
5. Always remember in such situations DO NOT PANIC. Most people take wrong steps when they aren’t conscious of what they are doing.
6. Also add the safety cap that’s present for cylinders.
7. Incense sticks or any kind of flames must immediately be put off.

Just In case you can Smell Gas-

1. First immediately make sure the Burner knobs are in switched off position.
2. Never should you light a match stick
3. Quickly go and Open all doors and windows to bring Maximum ventilation.
4. Ensure that your regulator is in the switch off position.
5. Call your Gas connection distributors if you think the smell has been there for prolonged time.
6. Operating switches is extremely dangerous during this time. Stay away (Not even fan/exhaust fan switch for ventilation)
7. Do not light any candle or other flame in case this Happens during night time and there’s no light. Just open windows first.

Tips for those who use Cooking gas-

  1. Always use a cotton apron when you cook.
  2. Never use matchsticks to check the leakage. It can make the situation worse.
  3. Use pot holders and not clothes when you cook. They ensure more safety.
  4. Repairing on your own is never a good choice. Call your distributor for help.
  5. Always keep a check on the Gas connection and get it serviced often.
  6. Switch regulators every night before you sleep. It is a good practice to keep.
  7. All the incense sticks and flames must never be around gas connection. Keep them away and put them off if they are somewhere close to the connection.

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