How to Remove Ads from Android SmartPhones

Remove Ads from Android SmartPhones

How to Remove Ads from Android SmartPhones? : Envision a moment when you are about to win the match against your online opponent. Just the last shot left for you and irritating pop-up blocks your screen. Think how disgusting it may feel when after so much effort all your endeavors go in vain. In that case, all you would want to do is block that ad from coming or reappearing again.

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There may even be such a situation where you are using any online platform for an urgent work, and suddenly pop up ad occupies all of your screens! That can be so much disturbing. Isn’t it?

So, how do you get rid of these advertisements? Yes, sometimes you do benefit from them as you get to know lots of facts and latest cool stuff. But mostly they are a reason of utter disturbance only. You would better like to get away from them or keep them knocked out of your device.

How to Remove Ads from Android SmartPhones?

Now, we are here to tell you some simple steps for blocking ads as and when you wish them to be blocked. Your work will be smoother; your time will get utilized in a better manner.

We are going to do it with the help of an app known as the AdBlock Plus!

Nothing to worry about!

You just need to download the app and get started. AdBlock Plus acts well on both rooted as well as the nonrooted phones. So you need not worry about rooting your phone if it is not. If it is already rooted then let it be. Adblock Plus is cool with it as it seems to be.

How to Remove Ads from Android SmartPhones?

How to Remove Ads from Android SmartPhones?

Mind you Adblock Plus has been removed from the play store. The obvious reason for that is, anyone or most of us would get annoyed by ads that keep appearing, and when such kind of an app gets easily available in the play store almost anyone would like to install it, and no one would further see an ad after that.

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So, you need to look up the Google search engine and download the ‘.apk.’ file and then install it.

The following few steps can be helpful in getting you rid of all the uncool ads and disturbing stuff that keeps on appearing as and when they feel like. So look at the steps given below:

  • Download the app named Adblock Plus
  • Install the app as soon as it gets downloaded

For the configuration of the same, you need to go through a short process mentioned below.

  • Go to the settings
  • Click on to applications
  • Slide your finger onto the option named as ‘unknown devices’
  • Tap to tick the checkbox if it is unchecked
  • Then just click OK
  • And now your Android gadget is ready to install the Adblock Plus

If Your Smartphone is Rooted Check out Another great app for this issue is the Lucky patcher. This app can be superb in removing system apps or preinstalled apps in the device. Just download Lucky Patcher Apk from Official Website and carry out the backup and then delete the app. Shop it forever and stay happy with Lucky patcher!

For the Unrooted devices, You need to carry out a few more steps to configure the device.

  1. Go to the Wifi option.
  2. Long press the option of the wifi network.
  3. There Will be two Option appear, forget network and modify network.
  4. Tap on the modify network setting and then set Proxy to ‘localhost’ and port number to the one given by Adblock Plus.
  5. You are almost there.

Now the app is installed on your device and just open the app now. Turn the filtering option on and then allow all other super user permissions. Now your Adblock Plus is ready to block all ads, and you will be facing no more of stupid ads that keep disrupting your work or game or whatever that you might be using or doing.

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Thanks to Adblock Plus for bringing such an excellent system and giving us relief from the additional ads. Hope this article could help you. We will be back with more tricks.

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