How to Save a Contact During Phone Call on Android

How to Save a Number During Phone Call on Android: Saving a contact during the phone call is the difficult task which we all face many times. Because when we dial a number during the call in dial pad then it gets vanished after the end of the call. So it’s the hardest task to save a contact during the phone call in android devices. So to get rid over this we’re going to share a simple trick by which you can easily save a number during the phone call in android device.

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save contact during the phone call android

How to Save a Number During Phone Call in Android

Suppose that you are on a phone call and the user on phone call ask you to save a contact in your phone. Then what you do? Look for copy and pen around you? That’s what we usually do because we can’t save a contact on our phone during the phone call. So here in this post we are going to talk about How to Save a Contact During Phone Call in Android. This is not a big task to do. You just need to follow some simple steps to overcome the issue os saving contact during the phone call. In fact, you just need to install a third-party application in your mobile to save the contact. So follow the post given below to know more about this.

How to Save a Phone Number During Call for Android Mobiles

  • At first Download Call Writer app in your android mobile from play store.
  • Open the app in your mobile after installing.
  • Now click on the three lined sign button and in setting you can customize it as per your requirements.
  • Now, whenever you receive any call or dial any number then you will see a dialer in blue icon on your phone screen.
  • Just tap on that blue icon and save any contact as per your wish even during the call.

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