Showbox Alternatives : Quality Video Creator

Showbox Alternatives : Quality Video Creator Showbox remains one of the most popular and endearing apps for the Android operating systems, with its media streaming application available for free and uninterrupted. Users don’t even have to log up or sign in to use this app. The simple interface, multilingual support, simple user example, IMDB ratings in-built and other useful features are some of the most popular features that Showbox boasts about.

If you love to watch movies online on your mobile phone then Newest Movies HD is the perfect application for you. Here, we are here to provide you with five viable and equally good alternatives for the Showbox app. We have listed five of them, and we have listed them in order of preference.

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Showbox Alternatives : Quality Video Creator

Showbox Alternatives : Quality Video Creator

Showbox Alternatives : Quality Video Creator

MegaBox HD is one of the best alternatives for Showbox. Megabox Hd will keep on updating the latest movies and TV shows and popular TV serials to the servers so, you can watch all your fav movies and TV shows at one place. Megabox HD app is available for all the Operating Systems(Android, iOS, Windows & Mac). So, I suggest you to download Megabox HD app as a Showbox alternative On your iPhone/Android devices.
Hulu: Hulu is probably the most well known of the lot. The Walt Disney Corporation holds a 40% stake in this video streaming service. Hulu is extremely popular among TV show aficionados. The Hulu app is available gratis and provides access to high-quality HD TV shows which can also run on medium to low Internet speeds. A new line of Hulu-specific TV shows is to launch in 2017, taking it a step closer towards becoming a full-fledged TV show destination and not just another streaming app. There is a premium subscription-only service which provides access to new and curated movies. Hulu supports Chromecast as well as streaming services to TV sets. This service comes highly recommended when it comes to the quality content it delivers.

Hubi: Hubi is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Users can download their favorite videos and movies and watch offline. Exceptional content is provided for users, with the same quality as Hulu, although Hulu is better known. A list of popular video players like the VLC player, MPC player, and MX player pops up when watching movies, enabling an organic user experience. Recommended for the discerning viewer.

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Kodi: Kodi was earlier known as XMBC and can work on a number of platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Xbox and the iOS. Kodi provides all of the aforementioned services and adds a few more, including automatic download of subtitles and AirPlay support. Memory is tracked and supported which provides bookmark support and a history of recently released sites or pages. The app also comes with a download manager in-built.

Plex: As the name suggests, Plex bridges the gap between the home theater and the computer or the smartphone. Plex has both online and offline capabilities: a range of audio, video and photo formats can be viewed and modified offline, as well as online audio and video streaming. Other features include offline syncing of media files. The Plex app will let users remotely stream music and video to the user’s device when connected to a Wi-Fi network, besides allowing the smartphone to replace the remote control of the user’s media center. Plex can download metadata for the media being played automatically and has a variety of library features with stunning skins provided.

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Crackle: The Crackle app has over 25+ million downloads worldwide and is a very popular app. Probably the only factor separating it from becoming another Showbox or Hulu is the quality of the content provided therein. Crackle is available for both Android and iOS and automatically updates each month to allow users access to all of the latest movies and TV shows, all in HD. Crackle supports Chromecast and allows the user to watch movies on TV sets as well as handheld devices.

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