SignNow Electronic Signatures as a Modern Solution for Record Keeping

Every day, businesses strive to become more efficient and secure. Thanks to numerous electronic solutions available nowadays, such improvement is possible for everyone. However, it is crucial to know which solutions you have to focus on to really enhance productivity. One of the most promising strategies for businesses is focusing on the digitalization of their processes and documents. To make it possible, electronic signature services exist. If you want to know how to keep up with the times and become a strong competitor for everyone else, SignNow will become your 2020 guide to electronic signatures.

Companies are choosing virtual format over the traditional media not because it is popular but because the benefits of such a decision are evident and already proven by major corporations. Dealing with virtual papers is much faster and convenient. Various online reviews emphasize how much easier the paperwork has become since digital solutions started to be implemented. There are also more possibilities for editing and delivering documents. All the time saved from lengthy paperwork can be allocated to finish various other tasks. This way, the general productivity of the enterprise gradually increases, and both employers and employees can benefit from it.

The Advantages of Involving E-Signatures for Various Industries

There is no company or institution that does not need electronic signatures or will not benefit from them. Virtually any business can implement e-sign solutions to its advantage. Here are a few examples of industries suitable for e-sign services:

  • Finance – all kinds of financial operations and business transactions need a signature to become official. Whether you are taking a loan or drawing up a contract, your signature is required. Thanks to electronic signatures, you can even do it online from home.
  • Education – thousands of students interact with their educational institutions every day, and their requests often need certain official confirmation. Even a one-day absence can require a signed note. The amount of paperwork that goes through schools and colleges is enormous, and electronic services make this process much easier and less costly.
  • Real estate – the whole process of buying a property requires tons of paperwork. Even the initial stages of looking through the houses and apartments available always involve signing numerous papers. Thanks to the e-signatures, you can go through the preparation stages much faster and even finish with the documentation online without meeting with an agent every time.

Of course, many other industries benefit from electronic documentation as much as those mentioned above. Whether you are working in retail, healthcare, insurance, or another sphere, SignNow will be a great solution for your company. It is possible since it is:

  • Understandable – even if you have just converted all the papers and you use e-sign technology for the first time, there will be no problems. SignNow is so intuitive and simplistic that there is no need to waste time on adjusting to the program and learning how to use it.
  • Safe – everybody knows that online storage services are considerably more secure than keeping your documents somewhere in the office. Of course, online security is also an important issue, and SignNow takes it seriously. Each file goes through encryption and remains safe from any possible intruders.
  • Accessible – any computer program should have a number of versions for each platform to work smoothly. It is impossible to download a PC version on a smartphone and vice versa. SignNow provides wide access to its services thanks to the multiplatform availability. There are specific versions for the web browser and portable devices. Different operating systems such as Android and iOS have their respective versions as well.

The Tasks You Can Perform with SignNow

The SignNow software is much more than only making signatures. It is a combination of various tools designed to facilitate the process of dealing with electronic documents on all stages, from their creation to signing and finalizing. Here are some of the possibilities of SignNow:

  • Choosing the signature type – with signatures transforming into the electronic format, you receive the ability to choose how to do it. There are three ways of signing, and all of them are simple: uploading a signature scan, drawing one on the screen, or typing the name with initials.


  • Creating signature queue – in the program, you can put the document recipients in a specific order and the software will send them your document one after another each time a new signature is placed.
  • Being updated – there are convenient notifications that you can set up. They will keep you updated when there are changes to the documents you have sent out. This way, you will know immediately when the paper is signed and ready to be moved forward or returned to the sender.

Enhancing Company Performance with SignNow E-Signatures

A single multipurpose program is better for productivity than having a few different ones to cover all the tasks you want to do. SignNow is a versatile helper that covers all the needs regarding record keeping. This universal tool allows creating, editing, delivering, and signing files. Customer satisfaction is the greatest proof of how efficient the software is. Hundreds of users in different countries choose SignNow.

An important factor in selecting the electronic signature program is its legality. Some programs can facilitate placing digital signatures, but the documents will still need legal verification. SignNow offers fully legal solutions, and there is no need to print out the papers and sign them manually afterward. Each signature written via this software finalizes the document.

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