Six Ways to Make Viral Content on YouTube


Six Ways to Make Viral Content on YouTube : We have come across a lot of videos on the very popular site name YouTube. A habit that is followed by all of us is that as soon as we hear of any new video coming up, we either Google it or search it on YouTube, and find the same within seconds.

We see the recommended videos on our YouTube homepage; that happens when the system knows what kind and genre of videos we view usually. Talking about videos, let’s see how and what makes a video viral.

1. Original Videos: 

Basically, we know that the content that should be used must be original or at least an improvisation of what has been made earlier. People normally like funny videos, or videos that are light hearted and don’t drain minds to decode what has been viewed.

On the contrary, there even are people who like videos that challenge their minds to think on a different tangent altogether. So, we have to keep in mind that the videos that are shot should be unique and the idea should be well thought upon.

2. Shot 

Secondly, coming to the way it should be shot. A majority will always go for a well shot video. We have to make sure that our hands are firm and if we cannot keep the camera in one direction for a long time, we need to make sure that the tripod stand is always handy.

Except these, the angles and the actors have the most importance. The director should have a good script in hand so that the actor acts well. Also, the actors should keep it as natural as possible so that the video looks acceptably good. The better the script will be, the more views the video will get.

3. Editing and color contrast. 

These two are the lifelines that a video lives on. We have to make sure that there should be a good editor and his editing skills should be tested prior to giving him a handful of videos to be edited, so that we are sure of what to expect out of him/her.

We know, while editing and shooting a video, the color goes haywire at times. That is when the task for an editor comes in. He/she has to make sure that the video looks just fine and not gaudy.

4. Video content should not be abusive. 

This is one of the basic etiquettes we have always been taught about. But, these days, there are a lot many videos having abusive content, swear words, bad language and all of those things, yet being liked by people and going viral within minutes.

So, we thereby can conclude that the set audience we make videos for should have a similar mindset like that of ours. We have a freedom of choice in this field as everything is acceptable nowadays.

5. Video Promotion 

The main key for making a video viral is its promotion. After and before and even while shooting videos, we have to make sure that our audience is well informed about everything we are doing and when they’ll be viewing a new video from our side.

Like that, the connect between the team and the audience stays intact and their excitement for a new video increases, making even the ones working on it curious.

Examples like Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal, Bhuvan Bam, Tanmay Bhatt, Lilly Singh, Lele Pons, etc. have been actively doing this and also being liked by a lot of people worldwide.

Promotions can be done through social accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; as these are the most used social sites nowadays. Except these, even Snapchat can be helpful. There are pages solemnly used for this purpose. This basically helps in the creation of fan base for a specific YouTuber or Viner.

6. Audio Video Clarity 

Lastly, we need to make sure that there are no disturbances in the visual or audio part of the video. Here again the editor comes into picture. If there are problems seen in that regard, the video can be flagged inappropriate or it might lose a lot of views.

So, these were some basic points of showing how a video can go viral on YouTube. Thank you.

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