TCL 10 Pro Is the Most Overlooked Deal in Phones

TCL manufactures electronic items and the brand is synonymous with affordable television sets, but it does not come near the other electronic companies, such as Samsung and Apple. Quite naturally, the products of TCL do not have the same popularity when compared with the other tech giants. However, the company has adequate experience of managing smartphones due to its engagement with brands like Palm, Blackberry, and Alcatel. Therefore, the company is all se to come up with a feature-rich smartphones that are easy on the pocket. The result is the arrival of TCL 10 Pro, which is making waves right now.

Here are the features of TCL 10 Pro that allow it to take on to its contender in the mid-range category.

  • The combination of glass and metal with curved edges makes the phone appealing in terms of design and a low-range budget.
  • On observing TCL 10 Pro intimately, you can hardly miss the alterations in the design, such as the smoky gray matte finish on the glass cover at the back and the flush rear cameras.
  • Although some people have expressed that the metal edges of the device can make it a bit sharper, but the place at which the glass and metal meets makes the phone easy to grip.

Features and preferences

The 6.47-inch mid-range phone can make the owner proud due to the features, such as robust structure, strong battery and terrific display. Within a price of $450, the unavailability of wireless charging and the saturated colours of the camera are not unusual.

Impressive features

What exactly are the cutting edge factors of TCL 10 Pro? The features of the device that can grab the attention of the audience within a low budget are the in-display fingerprint sensor and the built-in IR blaster, which is impossible to get in other flagship devices. The cut-off features that makes TCL 10 Pro stand out is the 6.47-inch display, which not only makes the colours on the screen brighter and more vibrant, but does not interfere with the viewing experience. Besides, the Micro SD card slot and the 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the USB-C port at the bottom are the other added attractions of the device.

Specifications of TCL 10 Pro

The specifications of TCL 10 Pro tucked inside can take it to the level of high-end smartphones. Read the following to learn more.

  • The TCL 10 Pro runs on Snapdragon 675 processor, making it pretty fast and the storage options are versatile with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage expandable to 256 GB. Although these features may not provide a blistering performance to the device, but makes the functioning smooth. If you explore the other devices in the market within the same range, you are sure to experience the stutter.
  • When it comes to the battery life of TCL 10 Pro, no one knows better how long it can function, which can extend to about 13 hours, which is far ahead than iPhone SE and iPhone Pro 11.
  • As far as the operating system of the device is concerned, TCL 10 Pro has managed to keep it seamless which is contrary to the harsh experience of the other mobile devices from Chinese companies.
  • You cannot leave but appreciate the Smart Key, the programmable button present on the left side of the device, and the only things that you want to make better are the pre-installed apps on 10 Pro, especially Netflix and Facebook.


At the back of TCL 10 Pro, you will come across four cameras, which is more than what users can expect within this budget. Therefore, you can overlook the sharper and oversaturated images on the camera of this device if you can take the shots in adequate natural light. However, the photos captured in bright and low light with the camera of the device are much better than many other phones, including One Plus 8.

Thing to remember

If you are still in two minds about the reliability of TCL 10 Pro, the device has a robust built and packs several features within an affordable price range. Despite the low budget and abundant features, the TCL 10 Pro is a largely overlooked device and vowing them in the light of the cheap television sets of TCL is not the right approach.

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