The Borderlands 3 Money Farming Guide to earn Millions in the game

If the whole idea is not to buy all the SDU upgrades, then money is not that functional in Borderlands 3. The point is to aim for the SDU storage upgrades that will enable you to carry the maximum number of weapons, and ultimately make money in the future. One of the top tiers SDU upgrades cost about one million gold which is a pretty significant sum of Borderlands 3 money and you will need even more in the future if you want to aim for higher ones.

At this point you are thinking that there is no way that you will be able to solve this problem but there is this method of collecting money that is quite unbelievable. The method is available at launch and can spike your earnings north of a 100 million in one hour, more or less. Yes, you read it right, with this method you will be a millionaire in the game in an hour, more or less. You will have to act quick as this method might be patched in the future but still there is hope even though it will be patched. You can use specific grenade mods, artifacts and other mods specifically for farming Borderlands 3 money.

Before attempting this method there is a certain condition that you might need to fulfill. The condition is that you need to be at a higher level so you will have access to higher level grenade mods. Only then, you can efficiently use this method to farm wads of Borderlands 3 money.

The first step that arises is that you have to scout or purchase items like:

  • Grenades that cause enemies to drop cash when damaged.
  • Larger damage radius is better.
  • Grenade Mods that cause enemies to drop more cash when damaged.
  • Larger damage radius is also better. The bigger the better.
  • Artifacts that increase the amount of cash you pick up.

When you have collected the appropriate items then you will have to go into combat farming. So, you are able to gain the amount you want in the game. You can check stores for items with these benefits, so keep looking, you’ll eventually find something you can use.

For even more cash, you will have to complete the game to successfully unlock the Mayhem Mode. The biggest thing is that your grenades will spew out money out of enemies even if they do not deal damage. So, you need to pump up the settings to Mayhem Mode 3 and get the amount of money you want. We should tell you that Borderlands 3 money is doubled in Mayhem Mode 3.

Once you have collected the cash, go back to an ammo vendor and refill. Go back to the same area, resent, shoot and kill your heart out until you are a millionaire. You’re free to sell your BL3 money in websites such as Eldorado GG if you want to cash in on your gains.

There are probably a lot of other ways to collect money in Borderlands 3. If you know any of them, let us know in the comments below.

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