The Greatest Reading Apps When Commuting

It is frustrating to find yourself in rush hour traffic or on the stalled subway on your way from or to work. Reading either memoir or novel during the pre-desk hours may set you on the right trajectory for the next day. Or you prefer to read some young adult novel instead of reading what you need for college? Thanks to the Internet, you can buy articles on any topic and read only what you like. Besides these, making good use of your travel time to mine is a great way to go through Goodreads’ queue. Kindle; stands tall when it comes to tools of the trade for reading. However, if you intend to keep your hands busy with a new reading app for reading materials, this article may help you read. Judge the electronic reading Apps presented in this article by their cover, and they will not disappoint.


This App is usable by devices using the iOS operating system. According to, this re-reading App has obliterated completion. Marvin helps readers explore more of what they are reading. It has a huge range of easy-to-use highlighting and annotation tools, together with a wide variety of fonts and colors, and a pleasingly modern and clean design.


This App is usable by devices using the iOS operating system. Rooster is an e-reading app made for commuters. The App delivers gratifying book installments taking 15 minutes on average to read. Rooster’s team of bibliophiles selects readable and lovely words for the readers in the Rooster App. For maximum accessibility, readers modify the schedule and frequency of installments.

Next Issue

This App is usable by devices using Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems. Next Issue is a joint venture by six top-rated publishers. This App is a suitable magazine junkie. The venture offers electronic magazine subscriptions in a monthly package.


This App is for iPads users only. It is a well-packaged e-reading App with an option for socializing. Librify is an electronic book club. Subscribers get to enjoy one book from Librify’s selection of a list of 100 bestsellers books, emerging authors, and book club favorites. The App has options for comments, reading progress, and highlights of invited friends.


This App is for desktop, Kindle, Android, and iOS. Besides, a pocket is free. Pocket allows users to save articles from the websites you are reading to read later on when you are either offline or online. When you encounter an interesting article and decide to read later, and then add it to your reading list by selecting a pocket App or clicking Pocket extension on the browser.


Oyster is usable on desktop, Kindle, Android, and iOS. Oyster is a Netflix for books. The App charges subscribers approximately $9.95 monthly to stream unlimited books and reviews from the New York Times bestseller. Users have an option of browsing Oyster’s collection of over 500,000 titles to satisfy themselves that the articles they intend to hear are available before subscription.


Scribd platforms get used to Android and iOS users. The oyster competitor uses similar principles – unlimited electronic reading for a fixed monthly subscription fee. However, Scribd charges a slightly lower fee of $8.99 per month. The difference between the two Apps is the publishers whose work is a display for reading digitally.


This App is available to desktop, kindle, windows, Android, or iOS devices. Amazon acquired this App in 2008. A free App that allows users to listen to over 150,000 collections of titles on the go. Hence, it makes commuting easy and fun.

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