The LG G6 will be an extremely safe phone

The LG G6 will be an extremely safe phoneThe first reports we saw on the LG G6 gave us some interesting information. We heard that the G6 would be dropping the ‘Friends’ expansion for a sealed body with a seamless design, which would make it a modularly designed phone. Now, we know that this move will make some ‘removable battery’ fans very angry, while it will be welcomed by those who believed the ‘Friends’ module did not add any substantial value to the offer that the LG G6 was already making. The LG G6 will be an extremely safe phone.

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The LG G6 will be an extremely safe phone

We also know that the company has begun using water-resistant adhesive on its LG G6 display which suggests the flagship smartphone would feature a water-proof body. The news comes in the wake of the LG G6 being launched to recoup some of the disappointments the G5 augured. We had also received news from informed sources which suggested that the waterproofing material was being added to the USB connector, earphone terminal and camera cover glass to totally waterproof the device.

The LG G6 will be an extremely safe phone

The LG G6 will be an extremely safe phone

We now have news that the LG G6 will have the safest phone battery in the market to ensure that another Samsung Note 7-like fiasco does not erupt. These reinforced safety measures are said to arrive in the wake of the explosions and burn scares, that Samsung said was due to battery malfunctions, which caused considerable safety concerns among consumers. The batteries were said to have been manufactured by a third-party vendor which will probably be brought to task by Samsung. Even Apple had some issues when it came to the battery.

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LG Innotek CEO Jong-Seok Park was quoted as stating that LG was looking to significantly improve the safety and the quality of their new flagship smartphone, which is the LG G6, to make sure that consumers who sought safer smartphones were not disappointed. The LG G6 would be the first instance of LG using heat pipes which are made of copper. These heat pipes have a very high rate of heat radiation which would make the heat dissipation from any overheated part quicker and safer. Such heat pipes are often used in laptops, personal computers and other bigger devices to prevent overheating. They are said to reduce temperatures by up to 10 percent through quick heat dispersion.

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Besides these steps, the LG G6 will be designed to ensure that heat build-up is not restricted to any particular area which will automatically prevent overheating. The LG G6 is also said to be undergoing safety tests which are more stringent than prevailing international standards. The battery, in particular, is being made extra-tough to ensure that the phone is extremely safe. High-temperature testing of the battery is being performed to ensure safety to the end-user. Piercing and dropping tests on the battery have also been said to have been completed.

Korean giant LG has stated that the G6 is undergoing a new and more complicated accelerated life test. The accelerated life test subjects the device to far-reaching tests to ensure durability and longevity. Such tests are also done to strengthen delicate parts including the processor, the display, the camera as well as the native fingerprint scanner.

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