The Most Innovative Mobile Applications – A Short Summary Of 2020

The most innovative mobile applications – A Short Summary Of 2020

The time has come to sum up the passing year 2020. Over the past twelve months, we saw some great examples of interesting, fresh, and innovative mobile applications. Some of them are really useful, and some are just for fun. We decided to gather the most innovative mobile applications of the year 2020 and share them with you. Let’s cut right to the chase!

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It’s an app truly for the COVID-19 times. This app allows various local businesses and service points to create a digital queue easily. This way, they have full control over when and how many customers can walk inside their store/service point. It’s also a massive simplification for the customers themselves! Safe Queue uses data from GPS on the users’ smartphones to determine at which point they can join a virtual queue or how the line moves.

This ensures that customers can stay at a safe distance from the store and each other, and they can still track their position in the queue. And when their turn to enter comes, all they have to do is confirm their entry via the app. Simple and brilliant!


How often do you go to a restaurant and wonder what the dish you ordered is going to be like? With Bite, you don’t have to worry about that any longer! Bite users share their gastronomic experiences with dishes and concentrate on aspects that really matter: Taste, quality, and cost. And we simply love the photos of various dishes and items from the menus!


Are you continually looking for great life hacks? Crumblyy is for you! Although this app has not been created in 2020 (it was formerly called Life Hacks), it was significantly improved and rebuilt in 2020. Crumblyy comprises virtual picture cards related to many different categories like food, health, technology, and more to help users improve their lives. Yes, Crumblyy consists of various tips, tricks, and fact-based strategies that will help you lead a better life.


This app takes reading stories to a completely new level! This mobile application consists of a library of various stories told in the text message format. In other words, reading them seems like reading actual conversations on someone else’s device. Your everyday commute will never be boring again!


Do you feel like you need some change in your life and everyday routine? If so, Fabulous is for you. This app helps you work on your energy level, fitness, sleep, and productivity. With Fabulous, you will be asked to fulfill several types of self-improvement sessions in order to improve your everyday routine and change your habits. A new, better version of yourself is in progress!


Are you tired after work and seek some relaxation? Noisli comes to the rescue! It’s a great relaxation mobile app that plays soothing sound effects. You can create a perfect composition of sounds that can comprise rain, thunderstorms, wind, waves, birdsongs, and many more pleasant sounds. Adjust the volume level, and you’re good to go! And the best thing is that Noisli can work offline!


It’s a fantastic tool for every photography enthusiast. What makes this app stand out from its competition is the fact that it offers some unique tools that cannot be found in other photo-editing apps. These unique tools comprise superimposed imagery, photo mixing, layering, blending, and many more features. It’s a great way to turn your photos into a work of art.

And what would you add to our list?

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