The Next Level Play: Getting a Glimpse of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855+ Variant


In a proposal to set gaming mobile devices apart, Qualcomm declared the Snapdragon 855+ chipset focused at the flagship smartphones intended for elite gaming. The significant upgrade in the Plus version is in the CPU and GPU. The CPU is now capable of rising up to 2.96GHz in comparison to the limit on the typical Snapdragon 855 which is around 2.84GHz while the GPU is now approximately 15 percent faster.

To be honest, Qualcomm has been accelerating the boundary of mobile gaming ever since it proclaimed the Snapdragon 855 chipset back in December 2018. Since then, Qualcomm uncovered what it describes Elite Gaming, which is absolutely a series of specialties that intensify the experience of playing games on your mobile device.

But first, what is elite gaming?

The term Snapdragon Elite Gaming initially arose at the Snapdragon Annual Summit back in 2018 in Hawaii. It is somehow an umbrella expression for a series of optimizations that Qualcomm extends to game developers to deliver the absolute experience of massive gaming on the Snapdragon-fueled mobile devices to be more elegant.

As such, it involves optimizations in the stability concerning frame rate, more excellent surround sound, connection optimizations and many more.

The Snapdragon 855+ chipset supplements to this collection of innovations. Acknowledgments to a more powerful GPU and CPU, the SoC is capable of doing much further. There is HDR10 providing support throughout gaming. Mobile devices equipped with HDR10 displays can improve HDR-quality graphics while gaming which presents a much more satisfying and lifelike experience.

A Snapdragon 855+ supplied gaming smartphone is also set to become an XR-device plus it is a 5G ready device. Elite Gaming also incorporates Physically-based rendering and processing cinematic post-effects, terms that game developers apply to express realistic delivering of visual impacts. The demonstration revealed an evident enhancement in the quality of visual presentations including more precise textures and reflections.

Recognizing its limitations

Elite Gaming undeniably sounds massive. Anyone examining the set of highlights might consider that mobile gaming is momentarily at the same level to that of Robots, personal computers, and gaming consoles.

Though sadly, that is entirely far from reality. The fact is, only a few mobile games currently carry these features by Snapdragon 855 plus variant. It includes Fortnight, Honor of Kings, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile, at least as announced by Qualcomm.

Other particular titles either don’t carry or don’t assert their support in a clear and detailed manner. There is also the concern of specific restrictions or exclusivity. Qualcomm stated the latest Elite Gaming highlights will also be sustained by the conventional Snapdragon 855 which again mixes in the ground between the usual flagships including the gaming flagships. But it is not that of a bad thing for the end-user.

It is also worth perceiving that while the industry of Qualcomm is allowing support for gaming in the next era, it is up to the OEMs to utilize them and more significantly, for the developers of the game to put them into action. Unless all these three come synchronically, the next phase for mobile gaming will not break its boundaries to reach the next level play.

To Conclude

Qualcomm is swinging up its annual strategy to modernize its flagship smartphone processor, hence it could be great news particularly for Android phone enthusiasts who desire raw performance. The chip producer has launched an enhanced Snapdragon 855 Plus that extracts more performance out of the current 855 design.

The eight-core Kryo 485 CPU currently operates at around to 2.96GHz instead of the pioneer 2.84GHz, plus the Adreno 640 graphics are said to deliver at least a15 percent boost in speed. It is indeed an amazing generation for gaming supporters if Qualcomm keeps this kind of pace towards providing the best gaming experience.

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