5 Things You Don’t Know About NBA Mobile 18

For all basketball junkies out there or even sports geeks what if I say that lounging in your home or sitting in your office you can still live your cherished NBA dreams. Video games have been entertaining and enriching our gaming experience for ages now but now with our favorite games available at the touch of our fingers is super amazing.

NBA live with its new game launched this year is sure to win your hearts and set the bar of mobile gaming experience very high. This time it’s not just a game, it’s an experience.

NBA Mobile 18

NBA Mobile 18

With it exquisite features sharp graphics and a plethora of options to choose from this game let you design your basketball world. The experience of playoffs, skills practice, year-round competitions and the added rewards which would help to take your team to the elite level, this game would take the cake this year.

It would provide us all the great escape to our fantasy world where we can dominate our game and win every battle with its new added features. A must try the game for all the Mobile gaming lovers; this is one will surely spoil you!

Now some people might wonder why this game? I mean there, have been plenty of interactive and successful mobile games before why is there so much buzz around NBA Mobile 18 there have been prior versions why do you need to have this.

Well the answer is very simple and basic there are certain things you want in your fantasy game world and some things you need, this game is the one thing you need. Download it play it and experience it to know the difference and even before that you can very quickly scroll down read about some pretty cool features of this game:

1. Practice That’ll Surely Make You Perfect NBA Game:

The new version has a super awesome feature where it lets hone your skills with its newly included skills challenge. Simply login with Facebook work hard and win those tests that’ll prove how great you are at your core skills.

To bring your team to the elite level garner, those reward coins show your slam dunks and prove you are one hell of a basketball hunk. At the end the more you play, the better you become.

2. Personal NBA Team And Live Events:

Let your team play and show itself off in game matches and let other teams know you are here to play and stay in this virtual arena of NBA gaming. With improved graphics and life like players, these teams will make your heart pound.

Also the new added the feature of live events where you can play in events which are similar to the real ongoing basketball events at that time, this would not only make your virtual avatar a strong player but would also keep you engaged, updated and close to your favorite sport.

3. Rule The Blacktop:

Experience the outdoor exquisite outdoor locations that will blow steam off your head. Ball out in summer courts where each outdoor location has unique events where you and your team can prove your mettle. Each outdoor experience will bring a new challenge and bring out in you the best of the best player that you can be.

Battle, the legendary NBA bosses, like never before and prove them your Streetball legend title. These new titles and background additions not only take the gaming experience to a whole new level but also makes you wonder how much you can do with just a tap of your fingertip.

4. Customize Your Game:

When we were kids, all we ever wanted was to play our games by our own rules NBA mobile 18 lets you make and modify rules the way you want. You can build your new line-up that suits your playing style and takes your team to the victory.

Also, there are some behind the court improvements that you need to play to experience how much this game has improved over its older version. Break your ankles and unfollow the old rules play your sport in your way at your own time and be the virtual champion that you always wanted to be.

5. Connect And Play:

This version lets you play against your friends and have an online battle of a lifetime. Show your friends that you are the boss of this virtual basketball realm and battle it out in the intense matches of basketball.

Also with features like head to head game where you play against other players in your same division, season mode where you can get rewards when you play till finals this game will make all your innate basketball player desires come virtual life.

These are not all from managing your team and collecting all the remaining rewards to complete your set collection this version of the NBA 18 mobile coins will give an experience that will change the world around you with just a touch of a fingertip.

Some essentials before entering the virtual arena that you need to know are that you should be above 13 years of age and you need to log in with Facebook to play this game. Also for enjoying its experience you need to have stable internet connection while you enjoy this game.

So go ahead and download this game beast and become the virtual legendary NBA basketball player that resides in you.

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