7 Tools and Plugins to Improve Your Website Content

Creating compelling and interesting content is key to the success of a website online. It should be original, helpful, and easy to find for users. It means that there are many aspects to consider, like SEO performance, the relevance of the topic, structure of the article, or blog post.

It takes a lot of analysis and research to find a good idea and execute it in the right way. When choosing a platform to cooperate with, be it a newspaper to read or a professional writing service like https://essaypro.com, if you are s student, the greatest attention will be paid to the content. 

It must be relevant to the field, useful for people, and easy to find because of the high Google ranking. If you want to attract more traffic and create better materials, but don’t know where to start – this guide is for you. 

Here is the list of the most useful tools and plugins that help to make high-quality content.

Analyzing the Site’s Performance

Google Analytics

The first step to providing better content is to look at how the website performs in general. Google Analytics is a great option, as it is free and quite easy to use and understand. The main functionality shows how people find a website and interact with it.

It is essential to understanding what topics and articles work better and which of them get greater attention. It also provides data on ads, ROI, and other campaigns a site might have. There are three main tabs offered by this tool – acquisition, behavior, and conversions.

The acquisition shows the way users enter the site, whether it is an organic search or referral. There is also a bounce rate and the number of sessions. When you know which source is responsible for the major traffic, you can decide where to promote and post your content.

Behavior shows how people are engaging with the content. There are page views’ numbers, the time spent on a page, and the bounce rate. It helps to see what articles are the best-performing ones. You can analyze what pages are most viewed and use their success to improve the position.

Website Grader

If the first tool seems too complicated, this one will come in handy. It is also free and very simple in use. Ultimately, it grades the site and shows the overall performance. 

The tool can be called basic and refers to how search engines grade your page. However, it will not provide deep insight into content performance. Yet, this one might be good to start with to see any major issues, like loading delays.

Improving SEO

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

SEO-optimized content means an engaging material that features relevant keywords and is structured properly. To find the most appropriate keywords, you can use this tool. 

Ahrefs offers a great variety of tools and plugins to improve one’s site performance. Yet, if you don’t need all of them, you can focus on this one as it is necessary for listing all the keywords.

You can type in a keyword or phrase and get an extensive report on all related suggestions. There are thousands of offered options, as well as their difficulty, click numbers, and parent topic. 

Ahrefs supports ten search engines and 171 countries, so the result is pretty impressive.


This tool has a related functionality, yet it offers a great variety of long-tail keywords. They are quite efficient for ranking higher in searches and getting more organic views. 

LTK simply faces less competition. The most used keywords have thousands of pages using it. When it comes to LTK, those are usually oriented on a more niche audience.

This tool offers a great variety of suggestions for long-tail keywords. You can choose any of them and make your page rank higher much easier than with a more common phrase. 

The additional functionality includes reports on backlinks and SERP.

Prepostseo Density Checker

Another essential part is not to overstuff a text with keywords. The pages that use a specific phrase or word too many times would be ranked as spam or irrelevant. 

It means that there should be a healthy balance between using particular terms and adding to many of them. This density checker is an amazing tool in figuring this out.

This tool is free to use, and it works swiftly. It shows results for words, combinations, and complex phrases. And there is also a total number of times used for each. 

It shows the percentage in comparison to the total number of words. The desired percentage is not more than 4% per word/phrase.

Editing and Proofreading

Hemingway Editor

This is an online app that helps to improve the readability of the text. This factor is essential for users’ bounce rates. If the text is too complicated many people tend to leave the page. 

That’s why it is vital to write it properly. This app is free to use, and it shows the full report on the text. It underlines adverbs, passive voice, complex phrases, and hard to read sentences. 

The main benefit is that you can edit the text directly in the app and see the instant better result. It grades the text, and a good one should not have a score higher than 9.


This tool helps to proofread a text easily and fix the mistakes. There are free and paid versions. The second one offers more extensive functionality and works with complex issues. 

It can be installed in a browser or as a desktop app. It finds the grammar and stylistic mistakes and makes suggestions on how to fix them. The main advantage is that it reduces proofreading time. 

Overall, it is a necessary tool to make sure your text features no errors.

In Summary

Composing a perfect content might seem challenging. Yet, with these tools, one can automate many tasks and make it much faster. Start with analyzing the performance of the site. It helps to figure out what pages get more views and shares. 

Learn about the ways people get to your site and on which pages they spend more time. Another factor is improving the content SEO ranking. 

The main factors here to have relevant keywords, provide good readability and perfect density. Of course, it is essential not to forget to edit and proofread any text you are going to post online.

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