Top Best Calls Blockers Apps for Android Smartphones

Top Best Calls Blockers Apps for Android Smartphones, Nowadays, the smartphones have become the biggest sensation, we often use it to do calls and SMS and we can’t resist ourselves from doing it. But what if someone is constantly calling you and you don’t want to pick up the call, in this situation, we usually ignore it or keep our phone in silent mode. But we can’t leave it our cell phone in silent mode whole time.

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At that time, you can block that specific number by using firewall but the problem is not all smartphone companies offers firewall features on their phones. So, the best move is to use any third-party firewall App. There are so many call blocker apps available on the internet but picking best of them is the difficult task. That’s why here we have shared some of the best call blocker apps. You can use Truecaller also to stop unwanted calls which is one of the best choice to block calls.

By using firewall App, you can block calls and SMS with filters like night mode and meeting mode.

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This types of Apps are specially used for blocking phone numbers of tele-marketers, sim card companies numbers and especially our relatives numbers at the time of our result 😛

Top Best Calls Blockers Apps for Android Smartphones

If you search the term “Firewall App” in the Google Playstore then you will get an immense amount of results but not all firewall Apps are good, only some of them work well. That’s the reason behind writing this article, yes, in this post I am going to mention some top best firewall Apps for blocking calls and SMS on your Android smartphone.

Below, I have shared the best call blocker Apps –

1. Call Blocker – Blacklist –


It is one of the most used and trusted call blocker App in the Google Playstore, because it is developed NQ Mobile Security. NQ Security is the top name among anti-virus and security. This App is very lightweight and low power consuming App. It supports Android 4.0 and up. Its free version is Ads-supported, and you can remove those ads by buying its premium version.

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Features –

1. Multiple blocking modes.

2. Ability to add unwanted numbers in the blacklist and most important number in whitelist so they can always reach you.

3. One ring phone scam.

4. Easy to use features.

5. Three options to deal with unwanted calls.

Download Call Blocker

2. Blacklist Plus –


The only call blocker App with some cool features like blocking a phone number that starts with certain numbers. It scheduling option allows you to set the time of blocking of any number, and it is useful for night calls which irritate us. You can get all the information of blocked calls in its calls log.

This App is developed by Vlad Lee and it is rated 4.3 stars on Google Playstore.

Features –

1. Four blocking modes, blacklist, all except Whitelist, all Except Contacts, all Numbers or disable.

2. Password Protection: if you don’t want others to open this App then you can set up a password by this feature.

3. It supports Android 3.1 and later.

4. User friendly interface.

And Many More…

Download Blacklist Plus

3. Safest Call Blocker –


The name defines all, the primary focus of the developer of this App was to keep it simple as possible. Also, it is rated as the top call blocker App by Beebom and TechArena. It is free for lifetime, yes you don’t have to spend your hard earned money in order to use it. Just like other call blockers Apps, it also has the features like blocked calls log, custom modes for blacklist and whitelist etc. It supports Android 2.3 and up.

This App is developed by Warez my software and it is rated 4.4 stars on Google Playstore.

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Features –

1. Wildcard Blacklist: You can create any range of characters of blocks call, like 1800-***-**** will block all 1800 numbers.

2. Notification after blocking.

3. Ability to block Robo (Bot) calls, isn’t that cool!

4. Cleans blocked calls log after some span of time.

Download Safest Call Blocker


Ending the Article –

In this article, I have shared three call blockers Apps, Call Blocker – blacklist, Safest Call Blocker, Blacklist Plus. I personally tried all three Apps, and I am impressed from all of them. All three Apps have some unique features which make them best. You can use these Apps for free without any issues. Still, if you are looking for an alternative, then you should try Truecaller App, which is also a leading firewall and mobile number directory App.

Thanks for visiting our sites, stay tuned for more tricks and tips and if you know any other call blocker App then feel free to comment.

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