Top productivity apps for android 2017

Top productivity apps for android 2017 Technology took over workspaces in the last decade. Using a pen and paper is considered old school in most places now. Technology simplifies work, and makes it more efficient and productive.

If you are someone who depends upon technology to get over your day, this post is for you. We have all heard the word productivity right? It basically means doing as much work as possible within a given timeframe.

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Ever since technology became involved, doing stuff got easier and people became more productive over time. But what if I tell you there are apps that can make you even more productive. Today I present to you 5 such apps. Read about the 5 Top productivity apps for android 2017.

Top productivity apps for android 2017

Top productivity apps for android 2017

Top productivity apps for android 2017

  1. Google Keep
    Google Keep is, without any doubt, the best app that can make you more productive. THe applications of this app is endless. It is a Note-taking app but offers a lot more. It can save you time on shopping lists, quick note taking, To-do lists etc etc.

    The app sports several features such as handwritten notes, voice notes, reminders, coloured notes etc. The UI is a pleasure to the eyes, as is all google products. Google Keep is also cloud integrated via your google account which means your note-data are safe in Google’s servers.
  2. Lastpass
    Managing passwords has always been a time-taking process. The passwords are supposed to be complex, tough, unique and are to be remembered by users. Safely managing accounts on the internet has become tough due to all of the different passwords one is supposed to remember. Don’t worry anymore, because LastPass is here to save the day.

    This app, third on our list of Top productivity apps for android 2017, is on it’s core, a free password manager, but is capable of doing a lot more than that.

    Provide the app all your passwords (A giant leap of faith is required here) , and secure it all with one master password, this master password will all that you will need to remember from now on.

    The next time you visit a particular website or app, LastPass will take over and autofill the credentials for you. The app can also store and autofill your credit/debit card details.

    Useful isn’t it? Do try the app and be ready to be amazed.
  3. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

    There are many to-do list apps in the market. In fact, Google Keep, the app we suggested earlier is an excellent one at that. But having a separate feature rich to-do list app will not hurt you.

    Meet Wunderlist, the ultimate to-do list app. The UI is what i fell in love with. It is fast, straight forward and gets things done fast. Wunderlist became famous because it makes collaborative work easy and fast. I personally use this app with my partner to run our blog network and the app has helped making our workflow easier.

    Start a list with someone else using their email-id and you are good to go. Add tasks, assign it to a member of the list, set deadlines, reminders, star important tasks, the feature list goes on.

    Another useful feature is the ability to chat with partners on each task. The sync is real time and gets updated instantly. Do try the app out.
  4. OfficeSuite 8
    OfficeSuite 8, as the name suggests is an Office Suite app, and is capable of doing everything an office suite in a PC can.

    It can be used to make,edit or view Presentations, Spreadsheets, Word documents and supports a lot of file extensions.

    OfficeSuite 8 can also convert all of these files into a PDF file. The files can be uploaded to all your drive accounts and shared easily via all the popular media.
  5. Vidmate Apk
    As the last name in our list, we introduce to you, vidmate. Vidmate can save your time and energy by giving you premium media files for easily. It can help you get content from website such as Youtube, Facebook etc. Get the vidmate apk from the given link and do try it out.

This post was all about the Best productivity apps for android. Do go through the apps we have suggested and save more of your time on 2017.

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