Top 10 Video and Conference Calling Apps in 2017

If you are willing to hang out face to face with your friends and loved ones, then this article may help you. As technology has developed in this decade, it gives an easy way to maintain your long distance relationship in the form video chatting. To reduce the burden of distance first video calling app Skype came on the platform in 2003.

Now loads of companies have launched many varieties of video calling app with many new features. Nowadays scores of business deals are getting finalized via the internet using these video calling options. It also gives you an opportunity of conference calling among your friends.

Top 10 Video and Conference Calling Apps For Android & IOS

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1. Google Duo

We all know about the Google and its apps in various fields. Now they have launched a new and currently streaming video calling app called Google Duo, which became an alternative to Skype. The quality of the video in this app is entirely high, and one can effortlessly reach your friends at a far distance from you. It can quickly identify those who are in Google Duo as you enter into the app. At the moment the Top-to feature is activated, which allows your contact to watch a live video before answering the call.

2. TextNow

If you are using Wifi on your mobile, then this app is best for you for making video calls. It has features like sending messages, VoIP calls, and video calls. You will not find any errors in TextNow. If you are trying to use this app using the internet connection of your mobile then within few minutes your data balance will run off because of its quality. Thus best use this app using wifi.

3. KIK

It is the safest and secure app to connect with your friends and relatives. The videos cannot be hacked in this app. Thus you can handle any secret business dealings via this app. It is one of the top most video calling apps in 2017. It is used worldwide by more than 100 million people. Just create one KIK for PC account, and you can easily connect with your friends, can create group calls, you have the choice of VoIP calling plan at the most affordable price in this app.

4. Facebook Messenger

The reason behind the popularity of Facebook messenger is it is available with all those who are using Facebook. We know that now Facebook is an ordinary one used by all around the world. Thus connecting your friends via Facebook is an easy task. Using the Facebook Messenger is pretty easy. Just enter into the app, and press your contact and click on the camera button on the app, within 2 seconds you will be connected to your friend and can chat face to face. It also has few live effects of having a fun chat with your relatives and friends.

5. Hangouts

Using this app, you can send text messages, emoji, videos, and standard SMS from your android to your closed. It can give you the standard video calling options with best features. It is the product of Google. If you have synced your Gmail account in your mobile, your hangouts will be automatically active.


6. Line

One of the best video calling apps in 2017 is Line. Moreover, 100 million people download this app from play store. It provides you an opportunity to message and call instantly and for free as long as you are connected to the internet. It has been considered as an alternative app for Whatsapp. The clarity of the video and the sound is best in this app.

7. iMessage

iMessage gives you several options like video conferencing, online meetings, mobile collaborations, etc. Apple founded iMessage and brought to you for having better calls with your friend’s group at a time. 25 participants can join in one video call using this app and can chat for nearly 40 minutes for free. You can have unlimited free one to one calls. iMessage for Android is now available for some devices.

8. Slack

It is the best app for making the video conference call in 2017. Have fun with your long distance friends using this Slack. Up to 15 persons can join in one call; making the conference call using slack is easy. Just open a channel or Direct message to your colleagues and then click on the phone button. Within 2 to 3 seconds Slack will start the call in the new window with the notification. You can turn on the video button to start your video calling.

9. ICQ

It gives an opportunity for the 2G users to make a video call to their friends. ICQ is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is a video and conference calling app which bridges the gap between many countries. Download now in play store for free and use it easily. It also has access to group chat with your friends. The quality of the video is good, and it is considered as the safest app among the users.


10. GoToMeeting

It is the best professional conference video calling app in 2017. It helps you to conduct webinars with your colleagues and friends. Group of 6 people can join in this app to make a video call. It has various features like call recording, dial-in numbers, and HD video streaming. The app is specially made for professionals. It is free for 3 participants, and if you are looking for 10 participants, then you have to pay $19/month for a starter plan.

Yes, it is the time to select which app best suits you and with your device. I think you can quickly come to a decision after reading this article about video calls.

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