True Colors: The Luxurious Way of Choosing the Perfect Watch Color


Blending style and color are challenging, especially when it comes to timepieces. The importance of color in your life can be one of the most integral influences. Following this, the colors we choose to wear in our clothes and accessories affect our perceptions of events, thoughts, and emotions.

When it comes to luxurious fashion, the role of color in our outfits is vital because color has a big impact on how people perceive us, especially on first impressions. Further, watches are the single accessory in which it expresses the personality of men. Although timepieces are a small accessory, wearing the perfect watch can make or break your outfit for a luxurious fashion.

Since men prefer to own two or more watches, knowing which appropriate color of watch can highlight the formality of your style as well as complement your outfit for a particular occasion. Thus, here is a luxurious way of choosing the perfect watch color to highlight your style and fashion.

Understanding the Colors and its Color Themes

The color wheel divides the shades of the three primary colors. It’s vital to understand the importance of the colors since they all have a meaning. The meaning of these colors represents who you are as a person and your choices.

On the color wheel, it comprises of red, yellow and blue for the primary colors, while the secondary colors comprise of green, orange, and purple.

Adjacent Colors

Adjacent colors are colors that are close or near to each other on the color wheel. They are vital for monochromatic attire because they closely blend with each other. For instance, a navy blue dial with a dark blue watch strap.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are colors that stand the exact opposite of color on the color wheel. They are mainly used for grabbing attention because they are bold and contrasting with each other.

Triadic Colors

Triadic colors are three colors that stand at equal distance from each other in the color wheel. This color enables you to balance the color of your watch if it includes multiple colors.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are groups of three colors that sit next to each other in the color wheel while sharing the same dominant primary, secondary, or tertiary color. For instance, red, yellow, orange, and red-orange.

Tints, Shades, and Tone

Tins, shades, and tone are variations that are the outcome of mixing black and white into one of the colors of the basic color wheel. Black and white plays an important role in choosing the perfect watch color because they have a huge impact on the entirety of your outfit.


Tints are typically known as pastels, and you get tints when you mix white to any color on the color wheel.


Shades are colors with added black, making the color look more intense, darker, and richer.


Tones are a combination of a tint and shade, and it’s what you get when you combine black and white to any color on the color wheel.

Colors and their Meaning

It’s vital that you harness color when choosing a watch because the hidden language of color tells us who we are as a person.

Black. Black shows formality, practicality, and power.

Blue. Blue shows confidence, intelligence, and trust.

White. White shows innocence, light, and purity.

Red and Yellow. Red, yellow, and orange show energy and enthusiasm.

One of the best colors that are versatile in terms of style and matching is blue. tints, shades, and tones of blue found in watches such as the Omega Speedmaster highlight the watch and the wearer. Due to the elegance of the color that brings confidence and trust, you can pair this color with most of your wardrobe.


Color helps show who we are as a person and wearing the colors that we like allow people to see a hint of our personality and style. For some, they don’t realize the importance of color since they only incorporate it into their fashion because they like the look of it.

What they don’t know is that they like the look of it because it matches who they are as a person. Thus, it’s essential that we are aware of the colors and their meanings to give us more in-depth knowledge about our personality and style.

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